The City and its partners operate the Plus 15 network in downtown Calgary. This includes 86 bridges and over 16 km of elevated walkways that connect office towers downtown, protect pedestrians from the weather and provide more direct connections between buildings so that users do not have to cross busy urban streets.

This network is well-used by people who live, work, and visit downtown, but it can be a confusing place to navigate. A clear wayfinding system will make it easier to use the Plus 15 network, attracting more people and creating a better overall experience.

We are engaging with Calgarians to help us understand the key issues that a new Plus 15 wayfinding system should address.

The scope of this project includes:

  • Developing an overall strategy for wayfinding in the Plus 15
  • Creating an easy-to-read schematic map of the network
  • Creating templates for a new family of wayfinding signs
  • Developing plans for sign location placement and messaging on each sign
  • Developing recommendations for the implementation of new signage and adaptive reuse of existing signage
  • Developing recommendations for maintaining the signage over time

This project is part of the Plus 15 Policy Update. The City is working to update an outdated policy which will guide safety, security, maintenance, and how the Plus 15 Network will be used for years to come.


The development of a comprehensive, holistic, and clear wayfinding system that makes it easier for Calgarians and visitors to access and navigate the Plus 15 network is supported by over a decade of Centre City policy, including:

  • 2007 Centre City Plan
  • 2009 Calgary Downtown Retail District Strategy
  • 2015 Centre City Urban Design Guidelines
  • 2017 Access Design Standards
  • 2019 Plus 15 Network Study

The 2019 Plus 15 Network Study examined concerns with the existing Plus 15 Network wayfinding system and recommended areas of improvement:

1. Clarity and Consistency of Brand Message: It was recommended that the Plus 15 network undergo a detailed audit of the current brand, and, that further work be done to create a stronger and more effective brand that reflects the goals of the Plus 15 network. Appropriate logo, font, and colour testing should be done to ensure the program is refined to be easily recognizable in all environments and appealing to the intended audience. Guidelines should be developed to allow third party users to follow set standards for Plus 15 network representation on their building’s signage and directories to ensure consistency. Communication requirements for accessibility issues should also be built into the brand standards.

2. Maps: It was recommended that the map be refined to be more schematic and easier to read at a glance, with fonts and colours that visually connect to the logo and other brand assets.

3. Awareness/Visibility: It was recommended that a holistic approach to wayfinding design and placement be developed to ensure continuity of the user experience and understanding throughout the entire Plus 15 network


Your input, and the input of other citizens and stakeholders, helps The City understand people’s perspectives, opinions, and concerns. Input collected will be compiled and shared through a What We Heard report. Personally identifying information, profanity and comments that do not meet The City's Respectful Workplace Policy or the Online Tool Moderation Practice will be removed.

Although it would be a great outcome, the goal of public engagement is not to reach consensus or make everyone happy. Public engagement is also not about voting or collecting representative information. Public engagement is about considering the input, ideas and perspectives of people who are interested or impacted by decisions, before decisions are made.

To learn more about engagement at The City, visit engage.calgary.ca/about.


We want you to feel included in engagement. This means that we want you to feel respected; we want you to know your opinion is valued; and, we want you to be supported to participate in The City’s engagement process. We do not want you to experience any difficulties to sharing your ideas and opinions with us. We try to design engagement activities so that everyone that wants to be involved, can be.

We use your answers to the following evaluation and demographic questions to understand which voices from the community are missing so we can be better at including them next time. We work with internal and external colleagues to help ensure that our engagement activities are welcoming to all.

Provide Your Input

We want to hear from you. What are your perspectives, opinions, and concerns about navigating the Plus 15 network?

Please use the map below to add comments at specific locations in the Plus 15 network: where are memorable landmarks, and ‘don’t-miss’ destinations (somewhere you would take a visitor)? Where are accessibility barriers and navigation issues?

To add a comment to the map, please follow these steps:

  1. The Plus 15 Network is shown in purple. Use the + and – buttons to zoom in on the map to the general location you want to add your comment.
  2. Select the 'Add Marker' button and click / tap the specific location on the map where you want to leave your comment. This will open an input form at the side of the map.
  3. Choose the category and type in your comment. Do not leave your name or any personal information.
  4. When finished, select the 'Submit' button. Your comment will be visible on the map.

You can add multiple markers. If you can’t zoom out, please refresh the page and try again.

Comments are moderated to ensure a productive and respectful environment for everyone.

Next Steps

Following engagement with the public and stakeholders, a What We Heard report will be posted here in May 2021.