Playgrounds are public spaces that enable children to come together, learn from each other and build relationships. Inclusive playgrounds are meant to be engaging, fun spaces where everyone can play regardless of their abilities. These playgrounds challenge the most active children while also providing enclosed areas for quiet and creative play. Some have unique features like braille directional signage for those who are blind or partially sighted and accessible sway rides and swings. The equipment is easy to approach and use by children and caregivers with mobility devices and incorporates communication boards to help non-verbal individuals or those with hearing impairments communicate with friends and family.

Through funding available via the Alberta Government Municipal Stimulus Program, plans for 10 inclusive playgrounds went into planning. Playground locations were chosen based on meeting the following requirements: existing playground onsite enabling easier development; site large enough to accommodate the larger format of an inclusive playground; access to either a parking lot, accessible street parking or close to major transit routes; preferably near a public washroom and; the route/pathway to the site is accessible.

Many of these playgrounds were built in partnership with Parks Foundation Calgary.

We have also provided a map with locations and added information for each at the bottom of this page.

Please help us evaluate our inclusive playgrounds by providing input to the questions below.

Input gathered will help to inform us with potential future design features on our next round of accessible playground builds.

Inclusive playground locations

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For brief descripiton of the playground see tiles below. If you wish to see a more detailed google map location please click on the corresponding tile.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will influence the design of future inclusive playgrounds within The City of Calgary. This is in alignment with the Council-approved Inclusive Play Spaces Implementation Plan.