The first phase of public engagement for Planning Chinatown is now complete. Your feedback is being used to help create draft principles that will guide future development.

In mid-September, you will be able to review the draft principles during the second phase of engagement, to make sure they best meet the needs of Chinatown.

Thank you to all who shared their input in phase 1. We look forward to hearing your ideas in phase 2!

Feedback Form

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.


The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

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What is your vision for Chinatown? 什么是您的唐人街愿景?

22 August, 2016

no_highrise says:

No more high rise. We cannot allow anymore monstrosity like Waterfront to be built in Chinatown. We need open air plaza or green space.

21 August, 2016

Native Calgarian says:

No highrises...Calgary needs to digest all its growth and build a more sustainable future should we enter the post oil era. Keep it small.

21 August, 2016

Alfonso Say says:


21 August, 2016

Save Chinatown says:

Modernization with authentic cultural setting

21 August, 2016

Sandra Bohun says:

Would love for it to become a vibrate chinatown similar to San Fransico.

19 August, 2016

5 dai-1947 citizen says:

Remaining Chinatown needs preservation as live Heritage Site-a place of new beginnings; and still a place to come home for Chinese Canadians

19 August, 2016

Winnie says:

A vibrant community, cultural & small-business hub with Chinese characteristics, which Calgarians and tourists enjoy visiting

18 August, 2016

Kelvin says:

A senior friendly community with distinctive Chinese cultural elements.

17 August, 2016

FL says:

Street vendors, and maybe make it a potential spot for a weekly "summer Asian night market" like the ones in Vancouver! #takoyaki

16 August, 2016

Peter says:

Modernized building, attracted More local businesses , expand land use nearby as part of china town, harryhaze building should move elsewhe

16 August, 2016

mj says:

all the stores, sidewalks, and pathways are 100% wheelchair accessible. the cross walks are designed for people of all abilities to use

16 August, 2016

Lambo says:

I see a bustling brightly lit distric with a variety of Street Markets, Restaurants, Businesses and Shops that showcase the best of Asia

15 August, 2016

Ed Tam says:

A residential district with unique retail businesses and cultural activities to be participant by Calgarians.

14 August, 2016

Multicultural says:

A place like this should not exist. We live in a multi-cultural society and there's no reason to have an ethnically specific area.

13 August, 2016

RC says:

A social and cultural hub for those who want to experience Chinese-Canadian cultures and traditions. A place that can tells us the history.

12 August, 2016

Lo Hung says:

It needs new development to attract business otherwise it will be a dying Chinese seniors’ enclave.

12 August, 2016

EChu says:

Chinatown would be an upbeat, welcoming attraction that emits a luring vibe for any resident or tourist who pass by.

11 August, 2016

馬鳳齡 says:

1) Managed business mix. 2) Affordable housing for more Chinese Canadian seniors. 3) Designated as a Calgary Heritage Conservation Area.

9 August, 2016

DY says:

A walkable residential community for all ages. A place for small businesses to flourish. A multicultural neighbourhood for all Calgarians.

4 August, 2016

Kyle says:

A place full of cultural characters and can be a distination for others

27 July, 2016

JS says:

Tons of good eateries and food courts that provide a variety of Asian food! A place to celebrate not just Chinese, but Asian culture!

26 July, 2016

A.H. says:

Vibrant, walkable community that showcases Chinese culture. Lots of restaurants, shops, residences & green spaces. Safe and well-maintained.

25 July, 2016

A global Chinese says:

A pedestrian friendly and vibrate mixed used area that is beautiful and modern.

24 July, 2016

A Calgarian says:

More jobs for calgarians, so people stop leaving, no more refugees, nothing against them but our own people need the 2500/month & work too

24 July, 2016

Chinese profeßi says:

A clean and special design for Chinese culture.

23 July, 2016

John says:

Chinatown needs to become more dense, with more mix-use buildings. We need more people living there, choosing to shop there, and eating ther

22 July, 2016

ChineseCalgarian says:

A modern, clean, vivid, mixed-use Chinatown representing Chinese culture with good urban design and a variety of stores and activities.

21 July, 2016

sleong says:

A place bustling with activity and cultural sharing. Vibrant streetscape with lot of greenery, lighting, seating. Unique, local, Chinatown!

21 July, 2016

David says:

A colourful mix of old and new. A unique gateway district into downtown.

20 July, 2016

Genie says:

Pudong without the pollution.

19 July, 2016

GrewUpInChinatown says:

A Chinatown where 2nd/3rd generation Chinese would want to settle and start a family in.

19 July, 2016

susanna says:

A mixed residential and commercial community with gardens, shops and restaurants, and a plaza for special event. With a touch of the Orient.

19 July, 2016

Inner City Calgarian says:

A vibrant walkable neighborhood at all hours of the day and by all age groups that celebrates Chinatown's history & is part of the community

19 July, 2016

ModernChinatown says:

A modernized Chinatown where attractive food vendors, bakeries, boutiques, and restaurants are willing to invest in.

19 July, 2016

Antibossi says:

A safe, clean area free of crime, traffic, bad food, cluttered retail short, go to China Town in San Francisco and duplicate .

19 July, 2016

morton says:

clean and safe, a place you like to take family to and friends for a great dinner.

19 July, 2016

Sam says:

A vibrant, walkable destination for Calgarians, business travelers and tourists.

17 July, 2016

China108 says:

A living historical and cultural attraction.

16 July, 2016

taxpayer says:

A place where the taxes are lower and the government focuses on doing their job and not trying to micro manage how a city will "evolve".

15 July, 2016

WinL says:

Become a tourism place.

13 July, 2016

mightymouse88 says:

Chinatown is a small but bustling part of Calgary, where people like to come to escape Canada for a while and take short trip to Asia!