Land use application at 3 Ave SW & 1 St SW

An application has been made to redesignate the land use for a parcel of land in Chinatown at 3 Ave SW & 1 St SW. The image below highlights the location of the site.

What is a land use redesignation?

A redesignation takes place when the land use district of a parcel of land is changed to a different land use district. This changes the rules of what the owner of the land is able to build in the future. Any owner of a site or their representatives may apply to have the land use designation of the site changed by way of a Land Use Amendment. The final decision on a change of land use is made by City Council.

What land use changes are being proposed by the applicant?

  • The land use application, which is currently under review by The City of Calgary, is looking to change the potential building height and density of the buildings compared to the current rules on the site.
  • The application is also is looking to change the kinds of uses, or activities, that would be allowed to occur on the site as part of future developments.
  • In looking at the application, it is important to remember that what is being sought is a change to the Land Use Designation, or Zoning, of the property. This means that we are assessing a change to the set of development rules which apply to the site, and not the details of a specific development. Those details, such as the look of the building or the number of parking stalls, are assessed at the Development Permit stage.
  • When we look at the subject site, the main changes being proposed are to the building height and density [expressed in Floor Area Ratio (FAR)], which are summarized in the chart and written description below.

The graphic below highlights the density changes that are proposed compared to what is allowed on the site today. The solid lines represent the base density that is currently allowed for future development. The dotted lines represent the “bonus” density that would be allowed, when a development includes things that provide benefit for the public, such as public art or open space. See the graphic below or review the Detailed Application Explanation for more information.

What are your thoughts on this land use application?

As part of the Planning Chinatown engagement process, we want to hear your thoughts on this application. We want to understand how you think the application aligns with the draft principles (see the Draft Guiding Principles section) and what changes could improve the application to better align with these draft principles for Chinatown.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

3 Ave SW & 1 ST SW 地点的土地使用申请

位于唐人街3 Ave SW夹1 St SW的一整块土地 已提出申请,希望重新指定土地用途。以下图像标明了该土地的位置。





The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.