The City of Calgary is revising its existing Integrated Pest Management Plan from 1998. This project will produce Corporate-wide IPM policies and procedures, including:

  • A revision to the current Integrated Pest Management Plan Council Policy (CSPS017)
  • Management procedures that serve as an outline for implementing and monitoring The City's pest management program

Procedures will be limited to City-owned lands (i.e., will not include private, developer or Crown land); however, education- and outreach-related principles/goals and policy statements may apply beyond City-owned land boundaries.


Expert and community stakeholders were engaged in Spring 2018 to gain insight into the best policies and procedures for managing pests. Please review the What We Heard Report for this engagement. The City is committed to ensuring stakeholder feedback will meaningfully inform policy and procedures changes.


The project team will use a variety of feedback, including the findings in the What We Heard Report for consideration when updating the policies for integrated pest management. These proposed changes will be shared with internal and external stakeholders as well as members of the public in late 2019. Following this, the project team will present proposed changes to the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) on Community and Protective Services in late 2019.