Project Overview

The City of Calgary is testing a Neighbourhood Streets pilot policy with the goal of creating local streets where neighbours can connect and choose travel options, no matter their age or ability. As part of the Neighbourhood Streets Program, The City is working with the community to improve streets in Panorama Hills for everyone to travel around the community.

This project includes:

  • Public engagement to listen and learn where changes are needed to make walking and wheeling more comfortable.
  • Implementing temporary materials in 2021 to transform streets in ways that make walking and wheeling (biking, skateboarding, using e-scooters or in-line skating) feel safer and more fun.
  • Public engagement to evaluate temporary changes to streets.
  • Installing permanent improvements (ie. pedestrian crossing improvements and traffic calming measures) based on prioritization and resources.

Engagement Process

This project will have three phases of engagement:

  • Phase 1: Identification – Oct 19 – Nov 8, 2020
    • During the first phase of engagement, we will be asking what is working well and what is challenging for those travelling through and living in the community.
  • Phase 2: Prioritization - Dec 8 - 27, 2020
    • Based on opportunities identified in Phase 1 and those previously identified through initiatives such as Creating Coventry , we will be working with the community to prioritize improvements to be made in 2021.
  • Phase 3: Evaluation – 2021
    • After the temporary improvements have been installed, we will evaluate their effectiveness and impacts to determine if any modifications need to be made before permanent installation that could start in 2022 based on available resources. This will include collecting feedback from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.

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In phase 1 we wanted to hear from you about how you move around Panorama Hills and to learn what improvements could allow you, or one of your neighbours, to travel around your community in a new way.

To review the What We Heard (phase 1) please click here or check it out in the links section.

Phase 2: Prioritization - this phase is now closed. Thank You!

We would also like to hear about values:

Past Engagement

Other work in Panorama

Previous work done in Panorama Hills

This project will be informed by previous engagement with Panorama Hills residents

  • Northern Hills communities have been engaged since 2012 for Calgary’s Green Line LRT. Part of this engagement has included sharing input on future station connections and walking and wheeling improvements.
  • Annual Ward 3 safety meetings have helped identify locations where residents feel unsafe.
  • The Creating Coventry project has engaged with Calgarians in a new way and will help identify opportunities in this Neighbourhood Streets Project.