The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Woodbine Community Association, is looking for feedback on the proposal to use this plot of land as a dog friendly, multi-use area for the local community to enjoy. The space is a strip of land along the northern edge of Woodbine (see map below).

The vision is dog friendly space (i.e. off-leash is available) however it is not to be viewed as an exclusive area for dog users. We have also heard that this space could be a place and an area for people to just get out and walk.

New infrastructure would be minimal (garbage cans and 'off-leash area' signage only). Formal parking is not to be provided for this site.


Map of proposed area

Proposed Woodbine Off-Leash Area

Proposed Woodbine Off-Leash Area

  • Red line - Proposed area boundary
  • Green stars - Proposed location of trash containers

Currently, the land is accessed and utilized as a dog friendly space, although it is not for the exclusive use of dog users. The grade (or slope) of the property is not conducive to sports or other formal recreational activities.

We see this as a space that will mostly benefit the residents of Woodbine. Due to limited parking availability, we wish to encourage this area to be seen as a local space for people to visit through walking and wheeling and without the use of a motor vehicle.

There is an existing chain link fence to separate Anderson Road and 24 Avenue from this space. Garbage cans will be installed where they can be easily serviced by The City of Calgary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be additional traffic and/or parking issues due to the designation of this area as an off-leash park?

This off-leash park is intended for the local community and is not a large, regional off-leash park. However, it is expected that some people will still drive to visit this off-leash area.

What about additional garbage due to increased use of the park?

There will be garbage cans installed at entry points. We have a City of Calgary bylaw to enforce this, however to promote better stewardship of the park, community support and advocacy are often best.

I’m worried about the smell of the garbage bins, especially in the warmer months, will they be maintained on a regular basis?

Garbage bins will be emptied on a regular basis to manage smell concerns.

Will there be an increase in noise levels due to the designation of this area as an off-leash park? ?

We don’t foresee there being any added noise concerns due to location next to Anderson road.

How will you enforce the safety of the off-leash park?

We have City of Calgary bylaws that can be enforced; however, community support and vigilance will be the best approach to keeping this a safe and friendly place for all. Provision of a dedicated space often leads to more responsible pet ownership practices.

By establishing an area for dog owners to legally walk their dogs off-leash, the number of off-leash dogs in on-leash areas may be reduced.

Here are some additional links with great information:

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City of Calgary bylaws related to dogs

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Thank you for your interest in this project. Feedback is now closed.

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