The City of Calgary, in partnership with the Hidden Valley Community Association, is looking for feedback on the proposal to use municipal land as an off-leash, multi-use area for the local community to enjoy. In addition we are looking at reverting a section of Natural Area back to on-leash.

New Off-Leash

The proposed off-leash multi-use area is currently a park space with baseball diamond adjacent to Beddington Trail (See Map)

The vision for the new off-leash space is that it would be dog friendly (i.e off leash is available) however not an exclusive area for dog users.

New infrastructure would be minimal but would include garbage cans and potentially benches. Fencing around the area would remain unchanged so will not be fully enclosed. Formal Parking would not be provided for this site however there is on street parking on the adjacent road.

Natural Area

The Natural area space that we are considering reverting to on-leash is between Hidden Valley Drive and Country Hills Boulevard NW.

The vision is that the off-leash signs would be removed, however other amenities such as garbage cans would remain


New Off-Leash

The area proposed is a stormwater dry pond that has a baseball diamond. Feedback we have received is that it is not well utilized due to the small size of the outfield, and the City’s booking data also suggests that the baseball diamond is not well utilized.

If the decision was made to convert to a dog friendly/off-leash space, the City will remove the baseball diamond and restore to grass.

We see this as a space that the residents of the local community will mostly benefit from, although will likely attract some visitors from other communities. These visitors can park on Hidden Valley Link.

No additional fencing will be installed and so post and cable will remain on the South Side.

Natural Area

There is also opportunity to reinstate a section of natural area back to an on-leash area aligns with the City’s naturalization objectives to provide as little disturbance to natural areas as possible.

We see the impact to off-leash users as minimal due to the steep embankments and sides onto a bike and walking path, where dogs must be on leash.

City of Calgary, Parks would like to engage on this subject and understand if there are any strong objections towards this natural area being reinstated to on-leash.

Likely Concerns that we wish to mitigate:

  • Parking – People will invariably drive to parks although this is intended to be a local space for the community to walk/bike to. There are some limited parking opportunities beside Hidden Valley link.
  • Garbage – There will be Garbage Cans installed by the entrances. We have a Bylaw to enforce, however to promote better stewardship, Community support/advocacy is best. We are looking at bin bags/poop bag dispensers to be placed in conjunction with community supported partnership for maintaining supply.
  • Noise – we don’t foresee there being any added noise concerns due to location to Beddington trail
  • Smell - garbage bins will be emptied on a regular basis to manage smell concerns.
  • Enforcement – we have Bylaws that can be enforced; however, Community Support/Vigilance will be the best approach. Provision of dedicated space often leads to more responsible pet ownership practices.

We are seeking your input to gauge your response to the proposed changes. As noted this is being done in conjunction with the Community Association to utilize spaces in the the most beneficial way to residents of your community. Please review the information provided and give us your input.

PROVIDE YOUR INPUT - survey is now closed thank you for your time and input.


Once this phase of the project is closed, a What We Heard Report will be posted here.

If moving forward:

  • Finalize some of the construction details and budget
  • Proceed with designation changes and associated infrastructure
  • Create space and open to Calgarians