Next 20: Municipal Development Plan & Calgary Transportation Plan review

Due to COVID-19, there will be some impacts to the Next 20 project. Online engagement has been extended to April 12. As the situation evolves, updates will continue to be provided on our project website and email newsletter.

Project timeline may be impacted but will be adjusted as required to ensure meaningful public engagement can take place. To stay connected to the Next 20 project and future opportunities to get involved, please sign up for email updates.


The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) are Calgary’s long-range land use and transportation plans that look 60 years into the future. Our city has changed since these plans were developed in 2009. We’re checking in on our plans to see what’s working well and contributing to the quality of life many Calgarians enjoy. Our review of these plans will identify what policies need to be updated or changed to make life better for Calgarians over the next 20 years.

At the meeting of Council on July 22 and July 23, 2019, Council reduced the scope of several projects, including the MDP and CTP review, to find $60 million in savings to support the reduction of non-residential taxes (Package 14 in Attachment 3 of the report).

In response to Council’s direction to reduce the scope of the project, The Next 20 project team has developed a revised project scope. After consultation with senior leadership and Council, the revised scope of the MDP and CTP Review and Update will:

  • Focus on critical amendments and housekeeping only. This includes incorporating previously approved Council direction into the MDP and CTP as needed.
  • Engage with targeted stakeholders (i.e., focus group participants) as needed, for the remainder of the project
  • Amend the existing plans without changing the look of the Plans
  • Maintain two separate Plans


The first stages of the Next 20 project set out to identify areas where the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan were working well, and how the Plans might be improved going forward. This work included:

  • Best practice reviews of land use and transportation plans from across the world.
  • A multi-pronged engagement approach that included gaining feedback from subject matter experts, key stakeholders and the public.
  • A forecast analysis of the 14 core indicators to evaluate their performance over the life of the plans.
  • An update of the “Implications of Alternative Growth Patterns on Infrastructure Costs” study completed in 2009 by IBI Group, referred to as the “Cost of Growth” study.

If you’re interested in learning more about our review findings, please read our State of the City report(14MB).

A summary of other initiatives, policies and plans that address some of the feedback that we heard from stakeholders during engagement was also prepared. Learn more about how these other initiatives, polices and plans are connected to the MDP and CTP by reading our summary document.


Guided by the review findings and the revised scope, the project team has identified revisions for the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan. Before answering the questions below, please review the Summary of Proposed Revisions document. It summarizes the changes that we are proposing to the MDP and the CTP.

If you would like to review the detailed text and figure changes that we are proposing, we have prepared an MDP Redline document and a CTP Redline document. These documents show the text and figures recommendations for deletion, revision and addition to both Plans.

As part of the review of the MDP and CTP we also updated the maps within these documents, as our city has grown and changed since 2009.

In addition, we are proposing making the CTP a statutory document. Read our rationale here.

At the 2020 January 13 Combined Meeting of Council, Council approved guiding principles for the 5A Network for walking and wheeling infrastructure in Calgary (Report TT2019-1431). Our next steps include replacing the Primary Cycling Network in the CTP with the 5A Network map. As part of the Next 20 project, these changes will be provided in 2020 April.


We are collecting your feedback on the proposed amendments to the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan. The intent of collecting feedback on the proposed amendments is to understand if there are any additional changes we should make prior to presenting the proposed amendments to Council for consideration in Summer 2020. Where appropriate, we will incorporate your feedback.

Before answering the questions below, please click through the tabs above and read through the background materials on the proposed revisions.

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We started the conversation in February 2019 with what qualities are important for a great city and how we can make Calgary better. In May and June 2019, we asked Calgarians to tell us how much progress we need to make in those areas. We have summarized and reviewed the responses submitted, and incorporated them into the proposed amendments where appropriate.


Engagement is about collecting ideas and input into a decision making process. The steps below describe why each stage of this project is important, and how your input will be used.

When: March 1 to April 8, 2019

What: Develop a set of goals that will guide our focus for the next 20 years. Public engagement input will be used to refine what makes a great city, and specific stakeholder engagement will be used to understand trends and policy needs as we move forward.

Why it matters: We need to make sure that any options and policies we make are in line with what is happening in Calgary, and with what Calgarians want to see for their city.

How this information will be used:Your feedback, along with trends from key groups, will give us a reference point for what needs to be refined. It will give criteria, or goals, we will use throughout engagement to assess how we are doing with the policy recommendation.

When: End of April - mid May 2019

What: Now that we know what is needed, what will it take to get us there? What trade-offs should we consider in the many outcomes our plans are trying to achieve? What range of options and actions should we consider? In this stage we'll talk about the benefits, impacts, constraints and trade-offs needed to reach our vision of Calgary in 20 years.

Why it matters: We can't do it all. The City needs to plan with the well-being and needs of all Calgarians in mind. In this stage, we'll get together to discuss ways that trade-offs can be made between the different values identified in Stage 1.

How this information will be used: This step is critical in helping The City to understand, refine and create options for policy recommendation. Ideas from this stage will be review, collated and incorporated into the proposed amendments where appropriate.

When: Spring 2020

What: Administration takes a report with recommendations on what revisions are needed and how the plan will look in the future.

Why it matters: This recommendation updates the two key policy documents that guide the decisions made by Council and Administration.

How the information will be used: Council will consider the recommendation and make the final Policy decision. If approved, the recommendations will be implemented in 2020.



Great cities don't happen by accident. The city we experience today – our homes, work places, shops, parks, public transit, roads and sidewalks and pathways are a result of decades of planning today for tomorrow.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) help organize life in the city, providing policy and direction to guide decision making. These decisions shape how our city grows and how people will live and travel in the future.

Our long-range plans make sure City staff, communities, developers, business owners, citizens and Council are working to build a great city, together.

MDP and CTP 2018 Monitoring Progress Report

Every four years The City reports on the progress made towards our 60-year goals. The most recent report is the MDP/CTP 2018 Monitoring Progress Report. View the report to see how we're making progress on our plans.

Background documents



Below are the most significant milestones that have paved the way for the MDP and CTP Review. Many small, medium and large projects; research; engagement opportunities and policies The City works on every day have also contributed. Click on “Learn more” to see details.
  • Timeline item 1

    2005 – 2006: imagineCalgary

    • 18,000 Calgarians create a 100-year vision for sustainable growth in Calgary.

    Learn more.

  • Timeline item 2

    2008 - 2009: PlanIt Calgary

    • Over 6,000 Calgarians provide input on a 60-year plan to accommodate over 1 million new people.
    • Focus on land use, development, and transportation changes to build up and out and improve travelling by walking, cycling, taking transit, and driving.

    Learn more.

  • Timeline item 3

    2009: Municipal Development Plan (MDP) & Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP)

    • Creation of Calgary’s long-range land use and transportation plans that help shape how our communities grow, develop and evolve over time.

    Learn more about the MDP and CTP.

  • Timeline item 4

    2019 – 2022: One Calgary - Service Plans and Budgets

    • The City develops service plans and budgets for 2019-2022 to deliver on the services you value in your community.
    • First service based budgets and plans for Calgary.

    Learn more.

WHAT IS ENGAGEMENT AT The City of Calgary?

Your input, and the input of other citizens and stakeholders, helps The City understand people’s perspectives, opinions, and concerns. Input collected in each phase of the project will be compiled and share through a What We Heard report.

Although it would be a great outcome, the goal of public engagement is not to reach consensus or make everyone happy. Public engagement is also not about voting or collecting representative information. Public engagement is about considering the input, ideas and perspectives of people who are interested or impacted by decisions, before decisions are made.

To learn more about engagement at The City, visit


Stage 1 of engagement was designed to learn more about what Calgarians feel are important qualities of a great city, what qualities are most important to them specifically, and how their experience of moving through the city can be improved. To learn more about what we heard please review the What We Heard reports for the online survey and in-person events.


Stage 2 of engagement built on what we learned in Stage 1 about what qualities are important for a great city and how we can make Calgary better. We asked Calgarians to tell us how important these qualities are to the future of Calgary and the degree of progress they would like to see The City make in these areas. To learn more about what we heard from Calgarians please review the Stage 2 What We Heard