Name a snow plow contest

Calgary is a winter city, and snow is a big part of what makes our city so special!

Did you know your local government employs hundreds of hardworking men and women dedicated to keeping our streets and sidewalks clear of snow?

Did you know that The City has over 100 pieces of heavy equipment working day and night during winter to keep things moving? Have you ever seen one of our plows pushing snow to the side of the road or spreading our pickle mix?

We need your help … we realized our snow plows need names if they’re going to help us keep the streets safe – and that’s where you come in! We’re inviting you and your classmates to come up with new names for our snow plows. These names will be featured on our online snow plow map, and some of them will be displayed on the side of the actual plow!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how to participate!

Document features a series of seven did you know questions. Did you know Calgary has averaged 63 snow days, and 162 centimeters of snowfall.  During the first 24 hours after snowfall, City plows focus on over 4,000 lane kilometres of high volume roadway.

(a downloadable version is available in the document library below)

About The City’s snow plows

During every winter storm The City has over 50 sanders out tackling the snow. These sanders are large trucks fitted with a special insert that stores our sand/salt (pickle) mix. The plow driver can then decide when it is best to spread this material out. The sanders are also equipped with a plow on its underbelly and can push snow to the side of the road as it moves along. They’re very strong machines!

Every year The City puts out a combination of road salt and sanding chips to keep our roadways safe. The salt helps the snow melt, and the sanding chips help create traction on the roadway.

For parents / educators

The City of Calgary’s snow fleet is an important part of our snow response. During our Council approved 7-day snow plan, our plows work around the clock to help keep our roads clear. Our plows work on a priority system – that means they focus on the busiest roads first.

Our goal for this contest is to create a conversation about safety in the wintertime, especially on those cold, snowy days.

How to participate

You can tell us about your favourite winter activity in the Conversation Corner or post a photo of a snow plow in the Snow Plow Gallery or submit a snow plow name to be entered into Name a Snow Plow contest.

Contest closes November 30, 2021. Stay tuned for further details.

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