The results are in! You spoke, we listened. As a result of engagement with your community, you helped us build a vision for Woodlands/Woodbine:

Woodlands/Woodbine values a safe, beautiful, family friendly neighbourhood where residents
feel a sense of community.

Initiatives have been developed from ideas that we heard from community participants and the City staff they worked with. These ideas were developed to fit with the neighbourhood vision created by you and your neighbours. Some of those ideas are already getting started and are shown on the Initiatives in Progress list below.

Now, we want your help to prioritize the remaining 14 initiatives in the Provide your Input section below.


The City created This is my neighbourhood to fully engage with community residents to create clear, compelling community visions that will help guide the delivery of City programs, services and small-scale infrastructure improvements within participating neighbourhoods. This is my neighbourhood gives residents a voice and encourages them to take an active role in shaping the future of their neighbourhood.

This is my neighbourhood began in 2015 with a group of 14 inaugural communities. As part of the This is my neighbourhood program, The City partnered with the first group of neighbourhoods to deliver more than 100 programs, services and small-scale improvement projects that residents requested. Overall, This is my neighbourhood will take place in 28 neighbourhoods over four years from 2015 to 2018.


Below are a couple of projects that residents mentioned to us, some are currently underway and fit within your neighbourhood vision and some are not possible for The City to do as part of this program and we want to tell you why.

Traffic speed concerns - Calgary Police Services is providing education in the neighbourhood on the topic of traffic safety and speeding.

Transportation & Roads information - Community Association newsletters to update and educate residents on what Calgary Roads is doing and what they expect to see ie: LED street light replacement.

Crosswalk command signals - A signal was installed recently at Woodbine Blvd and Woodfield Way SW. For other crosswalk signals, there is review process that prioritizes locations city-wide using results of a "warrant" study and are not available through the This is my neighbourhood program. For more information see the Pedestrian Traffic Signal information page.

We also heard the following were identified as a priority for your neighbourhood, however these are out of scope for This is my neighbourhood:

Fixing the sidewalks - From mid-March to mid-October, The City repairs streets, curbs, gutters, lanes and sidewalks. Repairs are reviewed annually and prioritized city-wide according to safety issues and damage severity. More information can be found on the Sidewalk Repair information page.

Promotion of biking to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) platforms - The completion of the BRT is not within the project timeline. More information on the pathways and bikeways expected in Woodlands/Woodbine with the construction of the BRT can be found here.

Extending pathways to connect community with Fish Creek Park - We heard that residents would like to see pathways in the community extended. This initiative is out of scope for this project. For current and future pathway (capital & operational) work please visit the Pathway and Bikeway Map.

This mapping system shows real time updates on capital and operational work on our pathways. The requested section of pathway within your community will be added to The City’s “Missing Link Wish-list”. This list determines the value of a potential pathways through the area for formalization, based on connectivity, potential frequency of use, value to the community and other factors. The request will be further evaluated if and when funding becomes available.


Below you will see the 14 initiatives for Woodlands/Woodbine. Each initiative has one question (a) to help us understand what you feel the impact of each initiative would be on the community. Then there are questions (b, c) about the same initiative asking about the details that City staff need to know if that initiative goes forward.

1. Open Space Assessment (plan for green spaces)

An Open Space Assessment is how The City plans for the future of the open, green spaces in a community. The City will work with the community to develop a long-term plan for the future use of the neighbourhood’s existing green spaces.

Projected cost: $5,000-$10,000

2. Public Art

Public art contributes to the beautification of the neighbourhood. Residents enjoy their public spaces more and feel a greater sense of community pride and connection when they view the artwork they influenced.

Projected cost: $10,000-$15,000

3. BRT - Bus Café

The BRT is the Bus Rapid Transit route. This initiative would educate about routes, beautify potential stops, turn specific stops into meeting spaces and include picnic tables.

Projected cost: $1,000-$3,000

4. Walking program through Fish Creek park

A Parks naturalist would lead a nature and bird watching walk through Fish Creek Park. This free program brings people together and provides an opportunity for neighbours to connect, enjoy nature, have fun and exercise.

5. Wayfinding

Install maps or public art such as distance markers, pedestrian travel times to various community locations, directional signs, way finding, and highlight traffic changes on various sidewalks and pathways.

Projected cost: $5,000-$10,000

6. Create visual interest at community entrances

Adding visual interest at community entrances can build a pleasant entrance to the neighbourhod that can improve community pride. It also reminds motorists that they have entered a vibrant and active community and encourages them to drive with appropriate attention and care. Possibilities might include seasonal decorations on trees or lamp posts, flower planters, solar lighting in planters etc.

Projected cost: $1,000-$5,000

7. Calgary Housing BBQ

Calgary Housing Company to host a community BBQ or special events to bring people together and increase social connections in the neighbourhood and to provide educational information as needed.

Projected cost: $1,000

8. TLC Day (Woodlands/Woodbine So Fine)

City staff and community volunteers would focus on a location adjacent to Calgary Housing to provide Tender Loving Care (TLC) to the area. This could include garbage clean up, painting, graffiti removal, minor infrastructure repairs, grounds keeping and more. The clean-up and beautification of this space would enhance the area and increase community pride.

Projected cost: to be determined

9. Enhanced "Get Going" Sport Program

Collaborate with Woodcreek Community Association to further enhance and grow the “Get Going” Sport program which is offered for youth in the community.

Projected cost: $1,000-$4,000

10. Improving Spider Park

Install a playground at Woodpark Avenue & Woodpark Close (Spider Park).

Projected cost: Playground development can range from $20,000-$250,000

Please rank the three ideas by pulling each idea into the dotted line area on the left. Once you pull one idea into the ranking you must put all three in to complete the question. The item you put on top is the one you think is most important. If you do not want to answer this question, leave all the ideas in the list on the right as they are.

    1. New playground structure for ages 1-5
    2. New playground structure for ages 5-10
    3. New basketball courts

    11. Additional & Enhanced Community Clean-up Days

    Enhanced community clean-up days provide an opportunity for residents to improve and beautify their personal residences and community spaces.

    Projected cost: $4,000

    11b) Tell us which clean up option you would use the most?

    12. Decorated Community Notice / Communication Board

    This free-standing board would allow residents to communicate and connect with each other. It increases connections with each other, as well as an investment in the community.

    Projected cost: $3,000-$5,000

    13. Community Play Day Event

    This event provides people in the community with opportunities to connect, play, enjoy and deepen friendships while adding vibrancy to local neighbourhood life and increasing social resilience.

    Projected cost: $3,000

    13b) If this initiative were to go forward, what would be your top preferred option for play day events?

    14) Swing bench at the top of Fish Creek park.

    This idea came from residents for people of all ages to better appreciate the beauty of Fish Creek park. This swing would be similar to a garden swing. Dependent on feasibility study and timelines.

    Projected cost: $7,000 - $8,000


    Vision Statement

    From July 28 to August 8 we asked for your preference on the vision statements. See below for results.

    Pick the vision statement you think is best for Woodlands/Woodbine.

    The survey has concluded.

    Woodlands and Woodbine values a safe, beautiful, family friendly neighbourhood where residents feel a sense of community.
    49% (22 votes)
    Woodlands and Woodbine values a safe, beautiful, family friendly, well maintained community.
    20% (9 votes)
    Woodlands and Woodbine is a beautiful, well maintained community where families feel safe and know their neighbours.
    31% (14 votes)
    Total Votes: 45

    Vision Words

    Thanks to everyone who provided input into the neighbourhood vision words. All the ideas you provided can be found in the What We Heard Report.


    Residents can give their input until early December and then we'll put the results into a report and share it here by early January. The initiatives will begin implementation in 2018.

    Stay tuned - we will need help from the community to make some of these initiatives happen.

    For potential opportunities to help or for general email updates sign-up here.