Engagement for this project is now complete. Please view the results of the feedback in our What we heard report here.

Project Background

How we got here...

Through the Montgomery Streetscape Master Plan Engagement Process in 2018, the community identified Montgomery as a “Gateway to the city.” To frame the recently re-constructed Montgomery Main Street, The City of Calgary worked with stakeholders to confirm guiding community values and define design parameters which have been used to develop gateway feature concepts that are now being presented for public feedback. Feedback on these concepts will be used to inform our final decision.

What we Heard

Throughout engagement for the Montgomery Main Streets project, feedback included creating distinct features within the public realm that represent the character of Montgomery and highlights its vibrancy and uniqueness.

During a stakeholder workshop in January 2022, many common themes emerged around the questions of how the gateway features should look, what types of materials should be incorporated and how it should function.

Guiding Statement

The Montgomery Gateways should be welcoming with high impact, and reflect the community’s unique identity, historical roots and valued attributes such as nature and a thriving neighbourhood.


West Gateway

The West Gateway is planned to be located at the southeast corner of Bowness Road NW and 52nd Street NW, adjacent to the entrance to Shouldice Aquatic Centre. High visibility from both eastbound Bowness Road NW as well as eastbound pathways, will welcome all modes entering Montgomery on the west boundary.

East Gateway

The East Gateway is planned to be located at the north edge of Bowness Road NW at the end of 16th Avenue NW on ramp. High visibility from both westbound Bowness Road NW and the merge from 16th Avenue NW as well as westbound pathways, will welcome all modes entering Montgomery on the east boundary.

Provide Your Input

Next Steps

We’re committed to keeping you informed and up-to-date as this project progresses from design towards construction and beyond. We’ll be communicating with residents, property owners and businesses over the coming months to provide more detail about what we heard and the next step once details are finalized.