For information related to the Council direction on May 10th, 2021 on Alcohol in Parks pilot. Please click here.

Liquor in Parks Engagement

In 2019, in response to public desire expressed in the Parks and Pathway Bylaw Engagement, The City explored allowing liquor consumption at picnic sites in 2019. At that time, The City decided not to move forward with the pilot program.

The City determined that the logistical and enforcement issues were too complex to move this pilot forward. We remain committed to ensuring park experiences are positive for all users.

  • Issues at that time included:
    • Concerns from regulatory and enforcement agencies;
    • Divided public opinion;
    • Resource constraints; and
    • Concerns that changing liquor consumption would have a cascading effect on other existing restrictions (public consumption of both alcohol and cannabis are similar, when you change one, there is potential for citizens to think both are allowed).