The families of the five students that lost their lives tragically in April 2014 have been working diligently together for the past three years to design an inspirational and well thought out musical garden. It is meant to honour the spirit of their accomplished, artistic children and thank a city they love, which has continuously helped and supported them through their darkest days.

The proposed garden is located in South Glenmore Park along the regional bike path and is directly adjacent to the reservoir. It will invite visitors in to explore and play one of 11 different outdoor musical instruments. Central to the garden is a multi-purposed round stage which includes stairs, a seating wall and a ramp to provide full accessibility.

The stage will welcome impromptu performances from young children performing for eager parents to more formal, intimate community organized activities.

Five flowering trees will be planted behind the five unique chairs backing the stage. These beautiful crabapple trees will bloom every spring to expressly remind us of renewal and growth. These trees along with the grove of Aspen, Spruce and Pine will flank the seating area, allowing for a comfortable and contemplative place to sit and enjoy the overall garden.

Adjacent to the stage is an existing open lawn area that encourages active play and picnic opportunities.

More information about the project can be found at: Quinterra Legacy Garden.


Overall Proposed Garden Design

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Overall Park Design

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