Lift stations, a vital part of our sanitary system, are used throughout the City to lift wastewater/sewage from low-lying areas to higher areas where it can flow by gravity to one of our three wastewater treatment plants. The Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station was built in 1960 and was designed to the standards of that time. As the City of Calgary has grown over the past approximately 60 years the requirements for these lift stations have changed.

The existing Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station is located towards the North- East corner of North Glenmore Park. The replacement lift station will be constructed just south of the current lift station, with the old structure being removed and turned into green space. The replacement lift station will incorporate two public washrooms.

The current Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station will be replaced with a more resilient structure that will ensure Calgarians continue to receive a high level of sanitary service. We would like to get input from the residents on the final design of the replacement lift station – click on the links below to learn more about the replacement lift station and provide input on the design options being considered.

**Please note: You will be able to provide your input online for the Lakeview Lift Station from

Aug. 27- Sept 20.**

In 2011, the City retained an independent engineering consulting firm to evaluate 15 sanitary lift stations in Calgary. The evaluation considered the overall condition of the lift stations and their compliance with current City standards. The evaluation included a multidisciplinary review: architectural, building mechanical, process mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, civil, structural, HSE (health, safety and environment) and HAZMAT (hazardous materials and items). This independent report recommended the Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station be completely replaced between 2017-2021. Key findings from the 2011 report and subsequent investigations on the Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station were:

  • Capacity of lift station to be increased to meet peak flow conditions
  • Numerous safety concerns including lack of gas detection equipment
  • Replacement of HVAC system needed
  • Spot repairs of sanitary forcemain from lift station are required

The new lift station will meet all present-day safety and building standards and codes. The capacity of the new lift station is higher than the existing lift station, to accommodate higher inflows during storm events.


Lakeview Sanitary Lift Station - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sanitary Lift Station

1. What is a sanitary lift station?

Calgary’s wastewater system is a gravity fed system – that means that sanitary flows are mostly driven by gravity to get wastewater to our treatment facilities. A sanitary lift station is essentially a pump that moves sanitary wastewater towards The City’s wastewater treatment facilities when gravity is not an option due to the elevation of an area.

2. Why are you building a new sanitary lift station?

The current station was built in 1960 and designed to meet the standards of that time. As the city has grown, requirements for lift stations have changed. Replacing the sanitary lift station with a more resilient structure allows us to meet current safety and operational guidelines and continue to provide a high-level of sanitary service to the communities of Lakeview and North Glenmore Park.

3. Why is the new sanitary lift station bigger than the existing structure?

The new lift station will have increased pumping capacity which means more space is needed for the equipment. Also, safety requirements have changed since 1960, and more space is now required for the safety of maintenance personnel.

4. Why is the lift station being built in a new location?

Building in a new location allows the current lift station to remain operational while the new lift station is being built. This minimizes impacts to the communities serviced by the existing lift station and saves tax-payer dollars by eliminating the need to hire pump trucks to keep the sanitary flow moving during construction.

5. What will happen to the land the existing sanitary lift station is built on?

Once the new lift station is built, the existing structure will be demolished, and the land will be returned to green space.

6. When will construction begin?

The project is in the design stage where we are seeking citizen feedback on the exterior finish of the building. Construction is expected to start in spring 2020 and be completed in 12-18 months.

7. How will residents be impacted by the construction?

During the construction of the new sanitary lift station, residents can expect noise from equipment and higher than average traffic in the area. There may be some lane, and/or pathway, closures needed.

8. Will trees be removed?

Yes, trees will be removed for construction of the replacement sanitary lift station. This includes, but is not limited to, several old, declining Poplar trees and numerous small seed-in Poplar trees that will be removed within the construction boundary. Larger healthy Poplars on the perimeter of the construction area have been identified and will be protected throughout the construction duration. Plans are in place to replant trees within the project construction area that are appropriate for the natural appearance of the site.

Public washrooms

1. Why are you adding public washrooms to the lift station?

North Glenmore Park is one of the city’s most popular and well-used parks. It draws Calgarians from across the city for picnicking, events and other recreational use.

Year-round public washrooms are being installed in the west side of the park, but there’s currently no facilities in the east side of this large park. Adding washrooms to the new sanitary lift station will provide visitors in the east side of the park with convenient access to a public washroom.

2. What are the hours of operation for the washrooms?

The washrooms will be accessible during North Glenmore Park’s operational hours.

3. How often will the washrooms be maintained?

The washrooms will be on the same maintenance schedule as other Parks buildings.

4. What measures are you taking to ensure the washrooms are safe to use?

The washrooms will be cleaned on a regular maintenance schedule and locked between 11p.m. – 6 a.m. Parks staff will monitor the washrooms as part of their regular duties.

How can I find out more?

Attend an open house on Sept. 4, 2019, 5-8 p.m. at the Lakeview Community Association, 6110 34 Street S.W. You will have the opportunity to speak to members of the project team, and review and select your preference from three options for exterior finishes for the lift station.


Please provide your input online for the Lakeview Lift Station from Aug. 27- Sept 17.

After the close of this phase of engagement, all data collected will be analyzed by The City and summarized in a What We Heard Report that will be shared with the community. We will share details of these plans on this page as they are available. Check back here for updates.