The City of Calgary is starting the process of creating a new Area Redevelopment Plan for Killarney/ Glengarry. The original Killarney/ Glengarry Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was adopted by Council in 1986 and isn’t aligned with more up to date policy such as the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Developed Areas Guidebook (DAG).

The new ARP will establish a vision for the area and guide future redevelopment. The ARP will address existing land use, including the recently updated Main Streets areas. It will also include potential redevelopment types (e.g. residential, commercial), pedestrian and cycling connections, transportation and parking, open spaces, building heights and densities, and design.

The ARP will take approximately 12 months to draft and is anticipated to be presented to City Council by Spring 2019.


In our first phase of engagement we gathered your input to gain a high-level understanding about what you like about your community today, what concerns you have and what you hope to see in the future for Killarney/ Glengarry.

To review the results and summary of the first phase of engagement please check the What We Heard Report.

This report will be considered by the project team, as they start drafting policies for the new area redevelopment plan and create draft land use concepts.

To view the presentation from the April 24 workshop, please click here.


The feedback received in the first phase of engagement will be used to draft the new area redevelopment plan and will also be used to inform our next phase of engagement where we will share how we have used or addressed your input.

In our second phase of engagement we will also share more project details and gather input into a proposed land use concept and future policy direction. Ensure you sign-up to receive project emails to stay up-to-date on the project and future engagement opportunities.

All engagement results collected through our engagement program will be provided to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council prior to any final decisions being made.