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Jack Long Park

Jack Long Park, the green space directly west of the Alexandra Centre in Inglewood, is undergoing a redevelopment to improve the community park space. The park will feature paved areas that will serve as flexible spaces for small concerts/theatre events, food truck servicing, market kiosks, or other arts/cultural uses.

The park will have open lawn spaces, picnic areas, a playground, a rain garden and sculptural elements donated by the Inglewood BRZ Business Revitalization Zone. New seating and a custom family-style harvest table surrounded by trees and shrubs will provide a variety of spaces to sit and enjoy the park.

Park Redevelopment

Construction to redevelop Jack Long Park began in October 2018 and was briefly suspended in the summer of 2019 with the discovery of historic artifacts within the site. An archeological assessment of the site was completed in the fall of 2019, and construction resumed in spring 2020. The updated park will offer a new recreational space for families and youth, with a natural play area, picnic tables and a large family style harvest table and chairs, among other amenities. See a photo below of what the park will look like when it opens to the public.

Found Artifacts

Situated in one of the oldest areas of Calgary, the Jack Long Park development has uncovered artifacts and features associated with both a pre-contact First Nations occupation and historic items from Calgary’s early days.

As required by law, a Historic Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA) is underway and has included back hoe testing and ground penetrating radar assessment. Limited test excavations will continue to take place during the remainder of our work on site.

The pre-contact occupation includes fire cracked rock, bones, and possible teepee rings. The approval to proceed with construction has been obtained from the Province.

Moving forward:

  • New Permit approvals will be required as work proceeds
  • Park contractor, returned to the site and is moving ahead with work on the project
  • Fall 2019 work shall continue;
    • Soil removal / fine grading
    • Site Electrical set up
    • Irrigation set up and Tie in works
    • Playground / Hardscape Excavation

Due to the approval process required by the Historic Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA), the schedule of construction and park completion has been delayed to 2020.

About the photo

Jack LongRobert Allen Cabin (914 – 9th avenue SE)

The Robert Allen Cabin (914 – 9th avenue SE) with the Alexandra School to the right. 1911

Glenbow image: NA-1604-36


Construction is well underway to redevelop Jack Long Park into a new cultural hub for the community. Before the park is scheduled to reopen this fall, The City is looking for input from local community members on one of the park’s design features – new custom bike racks. Please review the following presentation and photos and then provide your selection for preferred design.

Confluence - Jack Long Park sits at the confluence of the Bow and the Elbow rivers, at the gateway to one of Calgary’s first communities. People have been gathering here for centuries. Inspiration: Mohkinstsis

Inglewood Bridge - The 9 Ave S.E. Inglewood Bridge served the Inglewood community for 110 years. Built in 1908-1909, the bridge uses a Parker Camelback design typical of the time. Jack Long Park now sits near the location of the original bridge. Inspiration: Historic buildings

Guitars - Inglewood is a community known for a thriving music scene. From The Ironwood to the Blues Can, you can count on great music on 9 Ave S.E. any night of the week. Inspiration: Inglewood’s Music Mile

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To select the final bike rack design, The City will take into consideration the feedback obtained from this public engagement, balanced with City policies, bylaws, and priorities. Final design will be posted here once decision has been made.
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