Program Purpose

As part of The City’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, we are working to reduce barriers and improve the capability for Indigenous-owned businesses to sell their products and services to The City. Currently, we are developing an Indigenous Procurement Program to contribute to the social and economic reconciliation with Indigenous peoples while maintaining The City’s compliance with public procurement law. The Program is being developed by The City’s Supply Management business unit, with support from Indigenous Relations Office division, and will be shaped by input from Indigenous communities.

This is the current priority initiative of the Social Procurement Program. The success of the program will be achieved through education, awareness and relationship-building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information from the Questionnaire will be analyzed and summarized in to a What We Heard report. Learnings from the report will be used to create strategies (such as training strategies) to level the playing field for Indigenous businesses to sell to The City of Calgary.

The Indigenous Procurement Working Group who guided the co-creation of this Questionnaire consisted of members from the Treaty 7 Nations, Métis Nations, and urban Indigenous communities.

If you are a member of an Indigenous business and are interested in finding out what City purchasing opportunities are available to you at this time, please visit our Process to Sell to The City of Calgary.

The City has an established practice of providing a gesture of appreciation (such as a gift card) in recognition of the time taken away from respondents’ day-to-day activities to provide their information directly to The City.

Program Approach

Program Approach

Baseline - Analyze - Engage​

  • Understanding where we are today.


  • Building the Indigenous Procurement Strategies.

​Communicate, Inform, Collaborate​

  • Information sharing, awareness and relationship building with potential suppliers.


  • Implement the strategies with internal and external parties.

Engaging Indigenous Business Communities

The Indigenous Procurement program will be engaging with Indigenous business communities in multiple ways, with a commitment to listening and learning. The input we gather will be used to inform the Program’s creation and develop strategies that reduce barriers and improve capabilities of Indigenous-owned companies to participate in The City’s procurement process.

We’ve started our engagement by forming and working with the Indigenous Procurement Working Group, which has individuals representing the voices of the Indigenous business communities including Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous business-owners. This group is providing input, advice and recommendations. In the first quarter of 2024, we will get feedback from the wider Indigenous business community through an input questionnaire. We are also connecting with Indigenous-owned businesses directly to hear their lived experiences and get their input on how The City can have a more equitable and accessible procurement process.

Next Steps

The Indigenous Procurement Working Group is an advisory working group to represent the voices of the Indigenous business communities including Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous business owners, who will share knowledge to guide The City with insight and understanding of equitable procurement processes and respectful business relational practices.

Working group sessions are currently underway and will be concluded by Q2 2024. The Indigenous Procurement Input Questionnaire will be available from February 9, 2024 through February 26, 2024. The questionnaire will seek input from Indigenous business owners, professionals and individuals with interest being a supplier to The City.