This application proposes to change the designation of the Grace Hospital, Sunset Lodge and the Agape Hospice located at 1302, 1340 and 1402 8 Avenue NW, and 1040 14 Street NW from M-CGd72 District, S-CI District, and Direct Control District to Direct Control District to accommodate a mixed use health care campus and multi-residential development.

If approved, the land use redesignation will allow for:

  • development of 13,395 square metres of medical offices including 743 square metres of supporting retail;
  • up to 800 dwelling units proposed to be affordable and senior's housing;
  • the maximum building height within 30 metres of the western property line is proposed to be 30 metres;

The maximum building height for other areas on the site is proposed to be 70 metres.

Map of Grace Hospital redesignation area

Map of Grace Hospital redesignation area


Prior to the workshops on October 26 and 28 we asked stakeholders to complete a survey to help us understand their values, aspirations and concerns regarding the Grace Hospital site and its surrounding urban context. The insights gained in this survey will be presented and inform the workshops, during which resident participants will produce their own group concepts for the site.

You can view a summary of previous feedback and verbatim comments the What We Heard Report.


This isn't the final decision.

City staff review the proposal based on technical feasibility, City policies, stakeholder feedback (including public input), landowner rights and provide feedback to the applicant.

Changes to the proposal will be negotiated based on The City's review of the proposal and feedback from the public.

Bylaws and reports will then be prepared for City Council to approve in order for the development process to proceed. These bylaws and reports inform City Council and the Calgary Planning Commission of everything that would need to happen if they approve the application.