Goods movement is important to the economic vitality of our community. Within the Calgary region up to 134,000 jobs are supported by the goods movement industry. This includes jobs in warehousing, logistics, wholesale trade and transportation.

We are connected to local, national and international markets in several ways. Major railways, interprovincial and international highways and a large international airport all help products travel to businesses in Calgary and all over the world.

The Goods Movement Strategy will help us support the goods movement industry, Calgary’s economy and our communities into the future. The strategy will result in a list of actions and transportation infrastructure investments that consider the social and economic impacts on our communities.


Through engagement we gathered feedback from residents in five categories related to goods movement in Calgary:

  • shopping
  • delivery vehicle parking
  • truck routes
  • travelling to industrial areas
  • emerging technologies

We looked for feedback on when and how people would like to receive the goods they purchase online. We also wanted to know how we can more efficiently move truck traffic around Calgary, how employees travel to and from industrial areas in Calgary and what Calgarians know about emerging technology changes related to goods movement.

Engagement for the project is finished. To see the questions that were asked and review the responses received, please review the What we heard reports for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.


The Goods Movement Strategy was approved by Council in December 2018.

What we heard reports

Phase I What we heard report

Phase II What we heard report

Phase III What we heard report