In June, Council directed Administration to work with the Genesis Centre, Attainable Homes, stakeholders and communities to develop measures to address parking and transit concerns around the Genesis Centre. Previous engagement completed in August 2017 helped identify some of the issues. The high level themes identified were parking, congestion, walking and biking. This information was compiled in a What We Heard Report. For more information see the Martindale Land Use Redesignation engagement page.

For more information on the Attainable Homes project in Martindale please visit their website.


We are looking at potential solutions and are seeking additional information on how people get to the Genesis Centre and why they make those choices. We are exploring how we could provide more options for getting to the Genesis Centre to decrease the need for parking.

Please answer the questions below to provide your input until December 17.

Do you ever go to the Genesis Centre? (including the YMCA, Calgary Library, North East Centre of Community Society or for special events)
If so, how often do you visit?
When you visit the Genesis Centre, how long do you usually stay?
What time do you usually arrive when you visit the Genesis Centre?
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Which of the following age groups do you fall into?
When you travel to the Genesis Centre, how do you get there? If you use multiple options in one trip, check all that apply.


The information collected will help inform the possible solutions that are taken to Council. Administration will return to Council with recommendations based on this information by April 2018.