The City of Calgary is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy to meet the needs of this emerging technology. The EV Strategy is being developed as part of our Climate Program, since it represents one of the greatest opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

The objectives of the EV Strategy are to:

  • respond to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure and services,
  • encourage/support faster adoption of electric vehicles to aid in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • build partnerships across Alberta to provide an electric vehicle charging network within the province that connects to other provinces or states,
  • establish what role The City, partner organizations and the private sector should play in providing electric vehicle infrastructure and services, and
  • increase awareness and create enthusiasm amongst the public and industry about electric vehicles.


The Federal government’s efforts to develop a national Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy in 2018 suggests that baseline requirements and programs may be implemented across Canada. This may include direction on home and workplace charging, fleet purchases and public communications strategies. As a result, elements of Calgary’s Electric Vehicle Strategy will be delayed until later in 2018 to align with Federal direction, and to enable ongoing discussion with citizens and stakeholders.

Development of the Southern Alberta EV Charging Network, including application for grant funding, will continue on schedule.


Public Charging Network Workshop (December 2016)

Building on previous consultant research, The City hosted a workshop on 6 December 2016 to discuss public charging infrastructure in Calgary. Stakeholders provided input on a variety of questions, including what role(s) The City and other organizations should play in providing public charging stations in Calgary. A summary of the workshop results can be found in the What We Heard Report.

Home and Workplace Charging (May-August 2017)

From May through August, The City has engaged a number of stakeholders on home and workplace charging for EVs. The results of an online survey can be found here. The City also hosted discussion sessions with representatives of the home and commercial development sectors. A report summarizing feedback on home charging initiatives can be found here, while feedback on workplace charging can be found here.

A workshop for all participants from previous workshops was also held in late June 2017 to review The City’s preliminary approach to the EV Strategy. Copies of the display boards are available here.