2nd and 3rd Street S.W. Improvements

The focus of the 2 and 3 Street S.W. streetscape master plan is to provide a vision and principles for much needed life-cycle refresh connecting the Bow River and Eau Claire with Stephen Avenue and the Downtown Core. Evolving from the Eau Claire Public Realm Plan and adapting to changing mobility needs, the plan envisions continuous high-quality pedestrian spaces, generous street planting, on-street protected cycling infrastructure, future Green Line stations, and vehicular traffic with off-peak on-street parking.

2 Street and 3 Street S.W. will be designed as a couplet to consider new multi-modal choices in the network. In this couplet, the design of 3 Street S.W. will focus on providing smooth and comfortable multi-modal connections, whereas the design for 2 Street S.W. will focus on providing a uniquely generous pedestrian realm, and active retail frontage spaces.