The City's Eau Claire Projects

The City is investing in Eau Claire to create a landmark area where Calgarians can proudly participate in a desirable, active and lively cultural destination. We are undertaking multiple, connected projects that focus on connectivity and resiliency by creating great spaces to live, work and play.

We are committed to:

  • Improving connections in to and out of Eau Claire, and downtown as a whole, whether you travel by foot, bus, bike or car.
  • Building on Eau Claire’s character to create great spaces to live, work, play, and shop.
  • Planning for the near- and long-term to deliver thoughtful growth and development in the area.

Together these projects will support your community in the near future and for decades to come. Each of the projects in the area has the same objective of building and maintaining a wonderful neighbourhood. Some projects will be planned and constructed in the next two years, others that are in planning now won’t be realized for several years. It’s important that we implement each project to meet current needs and to lay the foundation for expected future demand as Calgary grows and evolves.

The draft Eau Claire Public Realm Plan provides a comprehensive vision for the future of the Eau Claire Public Realm. It highlights key considerations, programs and elements that will allow Eau Claire area projects to capitalize on the many opportunities that exist in the area and that will accompany forthcoming projects such as the Green Line and the redevelopment of Eau Claire Market.

At this time, the Eau Claire Promenade and Eau Claire Plaza projects are open for public input. Please click on the links below to provide input for these projects and to learn about other projects happening in Eau Claire.