Across North America, dog ownership is increasing. With the growing use of people and dogs in public spaces, and access to private outdoor greenspace becoming less common, the demand for off-leash areas in downtown neighborhoods is on the rise. The City is conducting a Downtown Off-Leash Dog Area Study to better understand how off-leash areas are being used, assess current and future needs, and develop recommendations for future off-leash areas.

Listening to and learning from the dog owners and users of off-leash dog parks will be essential in the development of recommendations and potential locations for new off-leash area locations. Feedback from this survey will be shared in a What We Heard Report, and used to shape future recommendations.


1. How frequently do you visit an off-leash area?

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2. Which off-leash areas do you visit regularly?

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3. How do you typically travel to an off-leash area?

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4. How far would you travel to reach an off-leash area?

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5. Would you travel further to reach a larger off-leash area?

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6. Do the off-leash areas within the downtown fulfill the needs of you and your dog?

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(#1 is most important and # 8 is least important)

  1. Seating for people #
  2. Shade #
  3. Drinking fountain #
  4. Dog drinking fountain #
  5. Dog waste bag dispenser #
  6. Dog agility equipment (e.g. bridges and tunnels) #
  7. Community notice and information board #
  8. Dog cleaning station (e.g. hose and paved surface) #
8. Off-leash dog areas in the downtown should be fenced

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All data from the online survey has been collected and summarized in a What We Heard Report.