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Project Overview


Lift Station Basics

When water runs down a sink, drain or you flush your toilet, it becomes wastewater. Using gravity, the wastewater travels to one of three of Calgary’s wastewater treatment plants.

When gravity isn’t an option due to elevation in the area, sanitary flows are directed to one of hundreds of sanitary lift stations located throughout the city.

A sanitary lift station is essentially a pump that moves sanitary wastewater (sewage) towards the city’s wastewater treatment facilities.

Project Overview

The Deer Run Lift Station is located at 2147 Deer Side Dr. SE. Originally built in 1976, it now requires significant

infrastructure upgrades to extend its lifecycle and ensure long lasting, efficient service.

Site Map

Site Map

What Does the Project Involve?

We are currently in the design phase, as such, we don’t have all of the details finalized for the construction phase. However, we do know that a second building is required due to the need for larger back-up generator, modernization of the electrical systems, and current regulations regarding worker safety. The plan is to maintain the footprint of the existing building and the second building will be built adjacent.

Construction is not anticipated until Summer/Fall of 2022.

Construction updates will be provided to the community as we get closer to a confirmed construction start date. We commit to working with our contractor to minimize disruptions where possible, adhere to noise bylaws and most importantly, ensure safety for all.

Share your Input - CLOSED

Updating the Deer Run Sanitary Lift Station

The existing sanitary lift station was built in 1976 and requires significant infrastructure upgrades to extend its lifecycle and ensure ensure long lasting, efficient service. Because this lift station is located next to one of Calgarian’s favourite parks, we want to give citizens and local residents the opportunity to help choose the exterior finish - and help ensure it matches the aesthetic of the community and natural park surroundings.

As part of this work, a secondary building is required. Items such as safety requirements and building codes (and best practices among them) have significantly changed since 1976, resulting in the increased space requirements.

Share Your Input

While construction is not anticipated until Summer/Fall of 2022, we want to let the community know about this upcoming work, as well as, to provide an opportunity to Deer Run residents and park visitors to help choose the exterior finishes of the new lift station.

These architectural options will provide a fresh and modern look to the buildings with minimal additional expense to the project.

We have three design options for you to review and comment on. Please review each one and comment on what you like or don’t like.

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Design Option 1

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Design Option 2

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Design Option 3

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Next Steps

The survey is complete, please access the What We Heard report here. The Project team is moving forward with the final designs while keeping the desire of residents/park visitors to have the buildings blend into the surroundings as much as possible at the forefront of their process.