The Calgary Plan guides how Calgary will grow and change over the next 30 years and sets out direction for future land use, mobility networks, servicing and investment.

The Calgary Plan is the long-term municipal development plan for Calgary. It is The City’s highest-level city planning document. The Zoning Bylaw and Street Manual are tools, among others, that will help to implement the direction outlined in the Calgary Plan. Click here for more information about the entire City Building program and the program FAQ.

Addressing the ideas Calgarians have shared over the last two phases of the City Building program, the draft Calgary Plan is now ready for your input!


Click the first dot below to view the draft Calgary Plan and read all the chapters in full.

Click the chapter numbers for a quick summary of the directions in each section of the plan.

And check-out the reference sheets on Truth & Reconciliation, Equity, and Climate to learn about how these important topics show up in the draft plan.


Click the tabs below to access the two surveys:

  • The Chapter 1 Survey is a quick survey focused on the goals and key directions. If you only have a few minutes, share your feedback here!
  • The Chapter 2-6 Survey is a detailed look into each policy chapter, where participants are invited to select and respond to the chapters of most interest to them.

The surveys are open to July 21, 2024.




Thank you for your participation! Please check back in the fall for the Phase 3 What We Heard Report.

Description of the project timeline.