Administrative Efficiency

City Charters will help make the work done by city administrations more efficient. With less red tape, both cities will have greater freedom to innovate and make local decisions. Charter proposals in this area fall under three themes:

  1. Modernization of assessment processes
    • While continuing to ensure a fair municipal tax and assessment process, Calgary and Edmonton will be given greater flexibility in delivering tax and assessment services.

      Proposal examples:
      • Allow cities to post school support declaration forms online rather than mailing paper copies to all residents.
      • Enable the use of a web portal for sending and receiving assessment and tax notices and supporting communications materials.
      • Clarify that assessors may use digital photographs and other electronic information gathering methods.
      • Allow cities to use digital photographs and other electronic means to gather information that support fair assessment of property values.

  1. Streamlining decision-making
    • City Charters aim to make the roles and work at city hall clearer and easy to understand.
    • The aim of City Charters is to reduce duplication, use resources more efficiently, and help the cities make the best decisions for their citizens.

      Proposal examples:
      • Set up a municipal tribunal for bylaw offences, such as parking and transit tickets, to increase responsiveness and accountability to citizens.
      • Enable the cities to respond to public safety needs and support unique local events with expanded flexibility to change opening and closing hours of licensed premises.
      • Allow for online notification instead of written in certain property rezoning circumstances.

  1. Enhanced clarity for assessments
    • City Charters would provide clearer and more consistent information about the technical aspects of tax assessments.

      Proposal example:
      • Provide the cities with the ability to clarify assessment rules to ensure fairness and equity for citizens.

For more details please see the City Charters Overview Package on the Government of Alberta website.