Calgary Transit is introducing four-car CTrains, which require more power to operate than three-car CTrains. The power system needs to be upgraded and several additional substations are being built around the city. A new substation needs to be installed between Canyon Meadows and Anderson stations, and a small City-owned greenspace located between Cantrell Dr and Canfield Rd SW has been identified as the location.

Traction power substations provide electrical power to CTrains through the overhead catenary system (wires above CTrain). The overhead catenary system has direct power (DC) running through it, but the electricity provided to the city is alternating current (AC). The substation transforms AC into DC electricity so it can be used to power the CTrains.

Substations are quiet, very safe and regularly used for light rail projects. They do not emit radiation, electricity or any harmful pollutants. They can be found in residential neighbourhoods throughout North America and around the world. All electrical equipment is enclosed within a locked building providing security and sound absorption. Equipment is enclosed by sturdy, grounded metal compartments that contain the electricity.


The City of Calgary asked for public input on the Canyon Meadows Substation. We asked to hear from you about:

  • How you currently use the park that the substation will be located on
  • Your preferences of horizontal alignment and fencing options for the substation
  • Anything else you'd like to comment about the project

Please click here to view the 'What We Heard' report.

While we are asking for the community’s thoughts on aspects of the project, it doesn’t necessarily mean that The City will implement everything that the community suggests. The plan for the project must balance many factors including existing City policy goals, landowner’s rights, technical feasibility, and stakeholder’s feedback.

Feedback was provided with the below form.

Fence Option 1: This fence is a black square hole design made of fibreglass reinforced polymer. Fence Option 2: This fence is composed of two sections. Behind, is a black square hole design. Out front, there is a green square hole accent fence. These are

Fencing Options

When looking at the options for horizontal alignment shown above, which option do you prefer?
When looking at the options for fencing shown above, which option do you prefer?

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.