Cannabis will be legal in Canada on October 17, 2018.

In Calgary, public consumption rules for cannabis will be similar to those for public consumption of alcohol. Under the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw, it will be illegal to consume cannabis in any form (smoking, vaping, or edibles) in public places, except for designated cannabis consumption areas. Cannabis may be consumed on private property.

Because landlord and tenant agreements, condo bylaws, and hotel rules can prohibit cannabis consumption in or on their properties, some citizens and visitors to Calgary may not have a legal place to consume cannabis. To that end, the Cannabis Consumption Bylaw allows Council to approve designated areas where cannabis may be smoked, vaped, or otherwise consumed in specific public places. These designated cannabis consumption areas are to help alleviate lack of access to a permissible place to consume cannabis once it is legal.

Ward Councillors or residents can begin the process to have designated cannabis consumption areas in their community. Interest has been expressed in piloting some designated spaces in Ward 9, and Administration is asking for citizen feedback on these proposed areas located in three communities, located as follows:


  • Green space at 11 Ave. S.E., between 11th and 12th St.
  • Green space adjacent to Wildlands parking lot on Ninth Ave. S.E. past 22nd St.


  • Murdoch Park, on the southern end of 7A St. N.E.


  • Green space located north of shopping plaza at Glenmore Tr. and Ogden Rd S.E.

Potential areas are carefully considered through criteria addressing the location’s accessibility, safety, and proximity to sensitive land uses such as schools, playgrounds, and residences. Each area will be confined to a defined radius and equipped with waste receptacles and tamper-proof ashtrays. Once the spaces are up and running, the City of Calgary may suspend locations should there be safety or nuisance concerns.

The results of this engagement will inform Council’s decision-making process on whether these proposed locations will be confirmed as designated cannabis consumption areas. This matter is scheduled to be brought to a Public Hearing of Council on October 9, 2018 at which citizens may speak.

You can read the entire What We Heard Report for all locations.


Please click on the community below that you wish to provide feedback on: