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In 2018, City-owned property at 2375 162 Avenue S.W. in Bridlewood was allocated to Calgary Housing with a mandate to build up to 100 new affordable homes on the site.

One in five Calgary households struggles to pay for housing costs: This development is part of The City’s direction to ensure that Calgarians living on lower incomes have a safe, stable place to call home.

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Following Phase 2 of engagement on the Bridlewood Affordable Housing development, we used your feedback to further refine our final site design and building design. This design takes into account the following key themes that we heard from you during our previous phases of engagement:

  • Safety: The site has been designed to foster safety, including wide, well-lit pathways and sightlines on all public spaces.
  • Parking: All required parking is located on our site, with dedicated parking for each unit, plus nine visitor spaces.
  • Sightlines from neighbouring units: Lower buildings in the final design allow for visibility from the upper floors of the neighbouring building.
  • Park/garden space: A small park and community space have been included in the design at the south end of the development.
  • Access to retail area: A dedicated pathway has been included at the south end of the development to maintain public access to the adjacent retail area.
  • Forested area to south: The forested area to the south of the site is not in the scope of this development and will not be touched. Removal of the fence at the south end of the development site allows for more access to the forested area.

Please see below for images of the proposed site layout, as well as artist renderings of the proposed building design.

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Next Steps

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