The City of Calgary is continuing the process of amending the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP): Part 1 to create policies that will guide future development of the Beltline community. The Beltline ARP was adopted by City Council on May 15, 2006. Part 2 of the Beltline ARP was amended in 2019 to support the realization of a Master Plan vision to create a cultural and entertainment district in Calgary. Over the last 15 years, the area has experienced significant growth, transforming into a vibrant diverse community. A number of projects are contributing to the need for ARP amendments, including a new Greater Downtown Plan, the 17 Avenue S. extension project and the arrival of the Green Line.

This phase of the Beltline ARP: Part 1 project’s purpose is to update the plan to align with current approved policies such as the Municipal Development Plan and the Greater Downtown Plan. Anticipated are updates to the Bonus Density provisions, a new Parks and Open Space section and language updates throughout the Plan to ensure alignment with current City Policies.


What is an ARP?

An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is a long-range planning document that is developed collaboratively between City staff and stakeholders. A statutory plan which is approved by City Council, an ARP outlines a vision and policy for a specific community, and provides alignment with regulations set out in the Municipal Government Act. An ARP also directs the redevelopment, preservation or rehabilitation of existing lands and buildings, generally within developed areas of the city.


west beltline map


The Phase 2 policy work includes the western portion of the Beltline community. This plan provides policy to support a mixed-use high density community.


The City is now collecting feedback from community and industry members about the proposed Amendments to Part 1 of the Plan. A summary of the targeted engagement will be included in the reports to Committee and Council.


The project team will review the external feedback from community and industry members and work towards preparing a final version of this draft plan to be presented to Infrastructure and Planning Committee in February 2023 for recommendation to Council for a Public Hearing in March 2023.