The City of Calgary is starting the process of amending the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to create policies that will guide future development of the Rivers District area – a 286 acre portion of land in downtown Calgary’s east end (which includes east Victoria Park). The Beltline ARP was adopted by City Council on May 15, 2006. Over the last 12 years, the area has experienced significant growth, transforming into a vibrant diverse community. A number of projects are contributing to the need for ARP amendments, including a new Rivers District Master Plan being created by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), the 17 Avenue S.W. extension project and the arrival of the Green Line.

This area is envisioned to become the cultural and entertainment district of Calgary. The goal of the Beltline ARP amendments are to realize the vision described by CMLC’s Rivers District Master Plan, and to put in place the policies and framework to help guide the development of this cultural and entertainment district.

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What is an ARP?

An Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is a long-range planning document that is developed collaboratively between City staff and stakeholders. A statutory plan which is approved by City Council, an ARP outlines a vision and policy for a specific community, and provides alignment with regulations set out in the Municipal Government Act. An ARP also directs the redevelopment, preservation or rehabilitation of existing lands and buildings, generally within developed areas of the city.

What is the Rivers District Master Plan?

In 2017, CMLC embarked on a master plan process to create a cohesive, forward-thinking vision for what is envisioned as Calgary’s cultural and entertainment district. Ultimately, CMLC imagines the district as a vibrant, high-density, mixed-use community that will see more than 8,000 new residents move into the community and approximately four million square feet of development over the next 20 years. The master plan vision respects the beauty of the Rivers Districts natural surroundings, its cultural heritage and the spirit of entertainment that is active in the area today. The master plan seeks to integrate the existing urban fabric, including several historic buildings, Stampede Park and the Elbow River, and reshape the community into an active, walkable, accessible community with enhanced connections. The Rivers District Master Plan will guide and accommodate a variety of entertainment and cultural amenities.


Study Area Boundary

Map showing the Rivers District Study Area Boundary and the Beltline ARP Boundary.

This project will focus on the area highlighted in red, or the Rivers District area (which includes east Victoria Park). It is bounded by the CP railway tracks to the north, 1 Street S.E. to the west and the Elbow River to the east and south.

Your Input


The City and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) are collaborating on our engagement efforts to collect feedback from citizens about Calgary’s future cultural and entertainment district. During the first phase of engagement we collected feedback to understand how you use the area and what issues and opportunities exist for the future. This feedback will be used and considered by both The City and CMLC as we draft amendments to the Beltline ARP and create The Rivers District Master Plan.

Feedback opportunities for phase one engagement are now closed. To review the summary of engagement and What We Heard Report, please click here.

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Phase One Engagement


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The Rivers District Master Plan is a twenty year vision that imagines east Victoria Park as a mixed-use cultural and entertainment district that is inspired by its entertainment DNA. The master plan seeks to create a cohesive vision for the community that will balance new residential development offerings for some 8000 new residents, over 4 million square feet mixed-use development, vibrant walkable streets and establishing critical connectors in and out of the district.

11. Based on the vision above what experiences are most important to you?

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We will be returning to the community for our second phase of engagement this fall. In this phase of engagement we will share what we heard in phase one and tell you how we have used or addressed your input. We will also share more project details including draft plan concepts.

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All engagement results collected through our engagement program will be provided to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council prior to any final decisions being made.