The Varsity Fire Station has reached the end of its life cycle after servicing the community for 46 years. A new fire station is needed to meet the growing needs of the community and surrounding area.

The redevelopment of the Fire Station provides the opportunity to better optimize the space as a multi-service facility. In spring 2018, The City plans to submit a land use re-designation application that will include provision for an affordable housing development and other services to the community.

Map of the re-development site at the corner of 32 Avenue & 37 Street NW

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Feedback is currently closed. You can see what we asked below. A What We Heard Report will be posted here once the feedback has been analyzed and summarized.

The purpose of initial engagement is to provide information about the proposed land use re-designation and to gather input on what amenities could be included in the facility community space. The input is being gathered so that when the land use re-designation application is submitted it can include potential uses for the site, in addition to the fire hall and residential components. Concerns from the community are also being collected to help improve the land use application as well as help provide initial information for the design phase of the project.

More information can be viewed in the Open House Information Boards.

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A What We Heard Report will be shared on the engage portal page and next steps will be posted as our timelines are confirmed.