We are excited to announce a ground breaking event is scheduled for June 2022 to commence construction phase with the scheduled completion for winter 2023.

Thank you for all your interest and input throughout the process!

Feel free to review the information on this page to show background on the processes followed to reach final design.


The Varsity Fire Station has reached the end of its life cycle after servicing the community for 46 years. A new fire station is needed to meet the growing needs of the community and surrounding area.

The redevelopment of the Fire Station provides the opportunity to better optimize the space as a multi-service facility. In 2019, The City submitted a development permit application and a land use redesignation that included a provision for Calgary Housing and other services to the community.

The City is building a multi-service facility that includes the redevelopment of Fire Station 17 and 48 units for Calgary Housing.

The City is seeking opportunities to plan and build more multi-service facilities, making services more accessible and convenient, while reducing cost for land, space and building systems.

Key project considerations

The safety of Calgarians and continuity of emergency response were considered critical when choosing the site design and building layout. The following parameters and objectives also played a major role in influencing the design decision.


The design of the new multi-service facility supports several mixed-use programs and connects to the community with public outdoor amenities such as green space, a public plaza and seating.

The architecture emphasizes these unique spaces and places through a dynamic form that houses the fire station, commercial space, meeting rooms, potential community room and the shared lobby.

The exterior is clad in brick and references the historic iconography of fire stations. The design of the facility provides views into the fire station, the lobby, commercial space and offices, to celebrate each program and connect to the community.

Set on top of the building, the four storey multi-family residential units will feature a consistent material on the exterior and will highlight each family home with a private balcony.

Reflecting 37th Street N.W.’s park-like quality, the green space and public plaza is a large public amenity that includes community gardens, green grass areas, integrated benching and large canopy trees. The parkette allows for leisurely activities, gardening, seating and play spaces for the community and the building’s residents.

Please note all drawings represent current state and not necessarily final design.

Full iteration of the design process

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Accessing 37th Street N.W. will maintain required response times

The primary goal of The City is to maintain public safety. Future traffic conditions along 32 Ave N.W. would put fire response times at risk.

Current traffic conditions:
There are four lanes on 32nd Ave. N.W. and two lanes on 37 Street N.W. which meet at a T-intersection.

Future traffic conditions:
Traffic lights will be added to the intersection, and there is potential for 37th Street N.W. to create a four (4) way intersection with the addition of left turn lanes.

These traffic changes on 32nd Ave N.W. will negatively impact the access and egress of the south property and the potential for accidents will increase,


May 2021:

We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us for the presentation and Q&A session on Wednesday May 26th. This presentation provides an update on the Varsity Multi Service Redevelopment project including the revised design and site layout will be shared including how citizen and Council feedback was considered and provide information on next steps. If you were not able to join us the recording of that session is posted below for you to watch. We have also provided the presentation slides (in the links section) for you to view but you will not be able to see answers to questions we received (those are in the video).

Thank You

March 2021:

The development permit application and land use redesignation were presented to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) on September 3, 2020 followed by the Public Hearing of Council on October 5, 2020.

Following the application meetings the project team developed multiple alternative site layout options to acknowledge the recommendations from Calgary Planning Commission. A feasibility assessment is being completed to explore the opportunities and impacts associated to the revised site options. All comments heard are being taken into consideration along with the program and operational requirements of the business units.

The project team will be submitting a deferral request to Calgary Planning Commission early March, after which the project schedule will be updated.

October 2019:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Varsity Multi-Service Redevelopment Information Session on October 17th, 2019. To view the information presented at the session, please click here.

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January 2020 update: The development permit application and a land use redesignation have been submitted to the Planning and Development department. The land redesignation process typically takes anywhere from four to seven months, but may take longer if there are policy or technical issues that need to be resolved. The status of Development Permit (DP2019-6254) and Land Use Redesignation (LOC2019-0189) can be viewed on The City’s development map online.

Varsity – May 26 update Q&A presentation


Ground Breaking June 2022

Grand Opening Winter 2023