The 8 Avenue N. corridor provides a key transportation connection across barriers that divide the region, such as Deerfoot Trail, Nose Creek, and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. Based on the community’s existing and future needs, the Unite the Heights – 8 Avenue N. Functional Planning Study will identify improvements to walking and wheeling connection along 8 Avenue N. between 2 Street N.W. and McKinnon Drive N.E., as well as sections of the connecting roadways of McKinnon Drive N.E. and Maunsell Close N., so that people have better and safer access to destinations within the surrounding communities. The recommendations arising from this study will provide a strategic plan to guide future investment in the area that aligns with the needs of the community.

Priorities Identified in Phase 1 Engagement

Based on the feedback received in the previous round of engagement, the top three priorities identified for the project were:

  • Improvements for pedestrian and cyclist mobility along the 8 Avenue NE bridge over Deerfoot Trail
  • Providing facilities that separate vehicle and cyclist movements
  • Maintaining boulevard and greenspace



The purpose of this phase of engagement is to obtain feedback on the walking and wheeling improvements being considered and whether they meet the priorities identified in Phase 1 of the engagement and identify any other opportunities to make sure our plan reflects the community’s needs and interests. The feedback collected will help the project team evaluate and refine the improvements being considered.

There are three different types of improvements under consideration for the project area:

Streetscape Improvements Intersection Improvements Public Realm Enhancements

The map below illustrates the study area, which has been divided into six different segments. Please click on the icons to learn more about the improvements and share your feedback.

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

Segment 5

Segment 6

Other Improvements

The project team has also been developing designs for low cost, small-scale spot improvements, which will be implemented this year. Improvements include wheelchair ramp and intersection upgrades, sidewalk remediation, and improved pedestrian crossings along 8 Avenue N.E. between Renfrew Drive N.E. and 16A Street N.E. This work is necessary to enhance active transportation options for those who walk, wheel, and drive in the area and will aim to complement any potential future corridor improvements.

Previous Engagements

Thank you to those who provided input on this project during Phase 1 Engagement, which occurred from June 6 to June 26, 2022. Overall, we had 2,085 participants visit the project webpage, and 1,205 contributions of feedback were submitted online.

Key themes identified during Phase 1 Engagement included:

  • Safety
  • Traffic calming
  • Integrated connections

The top three priorities for corridor active modes improvements were:

  • Improvements for pedestrian and cyclist mobility along the 8 Avenue NE bridge over Deerfoot Trail
  • Providing facilities that separate vehicle and cyclist movements
  • Maintaining boulevard and greenspace

The What We Heard report summarizing Phase 1 Engagement findings can be downloaded from the following link: Phase 1 What We Heard Report



Following the second phase of public engagement this Fall, we will analyze the feedback and priorities identified by the community, which will be captured in the Phase 2 Engagement What We Heard Report. This feedback, combined with technical analysis, will help inform the concept evaluation and design refinement stages. We will reach out to the public to share more details and report back in the coming months.

The study is expected to be complete in early 2023 and will provide recommendations on a holistic approach to active modes improvements along 8 Avenue N. and key connecting roadways.

While funding has been secured to conduct this study, the construction of recommended improvements remains unfunded at this time. The City is actively pursuing potential funding sources that could be used for future implementation efforts.

Thank you for your time and input, we look forward to keeping in touch as the project continues to progress.