The City is coordinating construction of the Southwest BRT with ATCO, as they carry out their the Urban Pipeline Replacement Program on 14 Street S.W. Construction south of 75 Avenue S.W. will start in 2017 with ATCO installing a new low-pressure natural gas pipeline on 14 Street S.W. The City is scheduled to begin construction of the Southwest BRT, south of 75 Avenue S.W., in 2018 once ATCO completes their work.

During construction, both ATCO and The City will endeavor to maintain the existing number of lanes in the direction of rush hour traffic during the morning and evening rush hours.

We know construction can create challenges for people travelling through the area. The staging we’re proposing aims to minimize disruption, making sure people can still get to where they need to go. Before we begin work on the BRT lanes, we will section off the construction zone. Access to Rockyview Hospital and communities will be maintained at all times.

The images below show the proposed construction staging during construction from 2017 to 2019:

High-level Construction phases

Detailed Construction Phases


We want to know what your concerns are. During the construction period, which three of the following potential impacts are you most concerned about?
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