Draft Long-Term Recommended Plan: Tight Urban Diamond

It was determined that the plan below best met the technical evaluation criteria, community values and project objectives.

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 Tight Urban Diamond graphic and PDF file

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+ Facilitates safer traffic movements along 16 Avenue by adding merge ramps to provide access to/from

+ Shaganappi Trail.

+ Maintains travel times along 16 Avenue by providing continuous traffic flow.

+ Enhances connectivity with cycle tracks on Bowness

+ Road and new pathways along 16 Avenue and Shaganappi Trail.

+ Enhances accessibility for people who walk and bike on Bowness Road by providing a continuous connection under 16 Avenue.

+ Maintains existing transit service on Bowness Road.

+ Encourages people who drive to use 16 Avenue given the additional travel time required to access Bowness Road.

+ Provides opportunity to re-purpose land not being utilized by infrastructure for other uses (to be reviewed in a future study).


– Removes direct access from 16 Avenue to Bowness Road.

– May result in increased traffic on 43 Street from people who drive attempting to access Bowness Road from 16 Avenue.

– Requires intersection crossings for people who walk and bike along the regional pathways on Shaganappi Trail.

– Reduces flexibility for future transit service along 16 Avenue.

– Possible property impacts to properties along Montgomery View.

– Requires four new bridge structures, which are costly to build and maintain.

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