About the Short-Term Rental Study

The City of Calgary and the University of Calgary are collaborating on a multi-year study of Calgary's short-term rental (STR) market through the Urban Alliance partnership. Our goals are to gain an in-depth understanding of Calgary’s STR market and the challenges and opportunities it presents, and to use this knowledge to recommend an updated regulatory approach for STRs that:

  • is flexible, effective and transparent.
  • addresses current and emerging challenges.
  • aligns with City priorities related to housing, land use, economic development, downtown revitalization, equity, hospitality and tourism.

Public engagement is a key component of this research. Calgarians and interested parties will have the opportunity to share experiences and provide feedback during two phases of engagement. Phase 1 (Fall 2023) is focused on understanding public attitudes about the STR market and its various impacts, pressures, and benefits.

To learn more about the Short-Term Rental Study, including what else the study team has been working on, click here. You can also access research that we’ve already completed in the Document Library on this page.

Why we're studying STRs

Calgary first introduced STR regulations in February 2020. Since then, the STR market has evolved and grown, and broader social and economic shifts have created new pressures and priorities for our city. We need to understand these changes and their implications. We also need to be able to adjust to and keep pace with them.

At the same time, our understanding of how to adapt and fine-tune policy approaches has improved: as Canadian cities have gained more experience with the STR market and implemented regulations, we’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and where policy innovation is still needed.

All of this means that it is an ideal time to undertake a comprehensive study of Calgary’s STR market and the current regulatory framework.

How you can participate

Your knowledge and ideas will make our research better. To ensure the Short-Term Rental Study incorporates the insights and concerns of Calgarians and interested parties, we are conducting two phases of engagement.

Phase 1 is now live and will run from October 19 to December 31, 2023. Share your perspectives with us by completing an online survey that asks questions about:

  • How you participate in the short-term rental market;
  • How short-term rentals impact you; and
  • What you see as current and future concerns.

We are also hearing from interested parties through interviews and focus groups.

In Phase 2 (Summer 2024) we will gather feedback on different policy and regulatory options.

What we'll do with your input

The information and insights you provide through Phase 1 will:

  • Improve our understanding of Calgary’s unique context for STR reform;
  • Help us to identify key policy challenges and opportunities; and
  • Inform future phases of research, including the development of recommendations and guidance on policy and regulations.

We will also report back to you on the results of Phase 1. Stay tuned for a ‘What We Heard’ report and updates to this page in early 2024.

To learn more about how engagement fits alongside other aspects of our research, click here.

Provide Your Input

This feedback opportunity is now closed. Thank you for your participation.