About the Project

In 2012, Calgary Transit created RouteAhead, a 30-year plan that provides direction for planning and investing in Transit in Calgary. RouteAhead guides planning for Transit infrastructure projects and investments to improve transit service and the customer experience, which ensures development throughout the city consistently prioritizes access to safe, reliable public transportation.

RouteAhead was originally developed through extensive consultation with Calgarians, identifying their priorities and values, and using them to inform every part of the plan.

Knowing that priorities change over time, RouteAhead built in a schedule to refresh the plan every ten years, to ensure it still meets the changing needs of Calgarians, and stays up-to-date with technological advancements and social needs and priorities.

As part of this refresh we spoke with Calgarians in August and September 2022 to make sure that RouteAhead is moving in the right direction for the next 30 years.

What We Heard

Engagement took place between August 22, 2022, and September 23, 2022. Public engagement was done online and with printed project information and surveys at Fair Entry kiosks, which were available to be downloaded.

Response to the engagement showed a personal investment in Calgary Transit as an important part of participants’ current routine. Most participants are regular public transit users and take Calgary Transit either daily or a few days a week. The most common reasons for not taking transit more often are safety and it being faster to drive. Their top personal priorities and priorities for the next 5 years are frequency and safety, for the next 10 years it is network design, which is also included for the next 30 years as well as taking care of the environment. For a more detailed summary, please refer to the What We Heard Report.