The City is in the process of drafting an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Ricardo Ranch community. The Ricardo Ranch ASP will provide a vision for the future development of 570 hectares (1,410 acres) of land located within the southeast sector of the city. The plan area is bounded by the undeveloped community of Rangeview to the north, by unplanned and undeveloped lands to the east, by the Bow River to the south, and by the community of Cranston to the west. The plan area is a joint planning area between The City and the Municipal District of Foothills, and will follow the processes outlined in the Intermunicipal Development Plan for the Municipal District of Foothills and The City of Calgary.

The northern portion of the Ricardo Ranch ASP area is a plain, whereas the south portion of Ricardo Ranch is a low-lying native grassland area adjacent to the Bow River to the south. An escarpment separates the north and south portions of the Ricardo Ranch ASP area. A ravine system provides a unique natural amenity along the south portion of the plan area.

Ricardo Ranch was the name of the ranch in this area owned by Senator Patrick Burns, businessperson and co-founder of the Calgary Stampede. The ranch was named for its former owner, William Crawley Ricardo.

What is an Area Structure Plan (ASP)?

An ASP is a long-term planning document that sets out a vision for a community and puts in place policies and guidelines that work towards achieving that vision. The purpose of an ASP is to:

  • Refine and implement The City’s broad planning objectives and policies of the Municipal Development Plan and other policies by promoting logical, compatible and sustainable development.
  • Guide and direct the specific land use, subdivision and development decisions that collectively determine the form that the plan area will take. These development decisions include the provision of land uses, essential services and facilities, transportation systems, population, jobs and densities, and the sequence of development.


Ricardo Ranch Area Structure Pan Outline Map


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