Public Realm Improvements to 11th Street SE and 12th Street SE have been identified as the first Stage of construction in Ramsay and Inglewood for the City’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) program. We’re investing in these two central communities now, so they can thrive as they continue to grow. This work will improve future connections to transit and nearby public spaces. This work supports The City’s investment in the new light rail transit station and invests in better public spaces in advance of several nearby developments proposed. Our goal is to invest in Ramsay and Inglewood’s futures as vibrant, sustainable, and interesting communities.

Building thoughtful, transit-centered neighbourhoods takes time. The TOD program follows a comprehensive planning, engagement, design, and construction process, working closely with local businesses, residents, and the community at large.

Project Update

March 2024 - Over the past few months, our team has been refining the preferred streetscape design concept; we are presently finalizing the design. We will connect with adjacent landowners, businesses, and residents in the coming months to discuss specific details.

Once our design is finalized, we will begin the process of hiring a contractor for construction, which we expect to begin later this summer. We will be working closely with the Ward 9 team, area Community Associations and BIA to ensure the community’s needs and priorities are reflected in our plans. We’ll share construction timelines and sequencing details as they are confirmed.

We will be shifting the focus of updates to the work occurring in the Stage One work as shown in the maps below.

Stage One

Scope of Work (click on maps below)

Renderings of what Stage One public realm improvements may look like: (click on images below)

To learn more about design concepts and to see how we utilized feedback in the development of these plans please click on the What We Did Report.

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Where It All Began

The City’s transit-oriented development program is intended to support a high quality of life across Calgary by creating vibrant, active and interesting neighbourhood centers where people and businesses thrive. New development will provide the opportunity for more people to live, work and shop within walking distance of public transit. That means more citizens and visitors will have an easy, accessible and economical way of living and travelling in our city.

The communities of Ramsay and Inglewood in southeast Calgary will soon undergo significant transformation with a new light rail transit station and several nearby developments proposed. To support this change, The City’s Transit-Oriented Development Program is leading a cross-corporate project to re-envision, re-design and ultimately deliver components of the public realm including streetscapes, parks and pathways.

To see the overall scope of public realm improvements planned for Ramsay- Inglewood click here.

Project Benefits:

New development will provide the opportunity for more people to live, work and shop within walking distance of public transit. That means more citizens and visitors will have easy, accessible, and economical ways of living and travelling in our city. The high-level objectives for the project include:

  • Positively impact the social and physical well-being of residents by providing safe and comfortable spaces where people can socialize and be active.
  • Improve connections around Ramsay-Inglewood Station so those who walk, wheel, take transit and drive can easily access local and city-wide destinations.
  • Establish a sense of place that offers memorable experiences for residents and visitors.
  • Boost economic vitality by attracting more people to local businesses, supporting redevelopment opportunities promoting investment.

Learn more about the TOD program.

Next Steps

Please refer to the timeline on the right-hand side of this page. We will also be sending updates and connecting with interested parties as we develop more details throughout the process, please continue to check back here for updates.