This application is for a Land Use Redesignation and Outline Plan approval for the subject site referred to as North Silverado in southwest Calgary. The Outline Plan area is comprised of approximately 16.77 hectares (41.46 acres). North Silverado will develop as the last northerly extension of Silverado.

The current land use within the Outline Plan area boundary is Special Purpose Future Urban Development District (S-FUD). The proposed land uses are as follows: Residential Low Density Mixed Use Housing District (R-G), Multi-Residential at Grade Housing District (M-G) and Multi-Residential Medium Profile District (M-2). This offers the opportunity for a variety of housing types, including single-detached, clustered townhouses, and low-rise apartment dwellings.


The opportunity to provide input is now closed.

The citizen input we collected in this engagement process is available in this “What We Heard” report. Citizens were asked to share what they think the benefits and challenges are to this proposal and how they feel it would impact the community. This input will be used in making recommendations to the applicant about any recommended changes that could be made to the application proposal. Citizen input is not the only factor in making the recommendation.


The online feedback is closed. This "What We Heard" report is the summary and analysis of the input that we received. The City will use this, along with other factors, to make recommendations to the applicant. This application will then need to be provided to City Council to make a final decision. Currently, there are no set dates for these meetings.