About the Artist

Sydonne Warren, a visual artist originally from Jamaica but raised in Calgary, Alberta is known for her vibrant and expressive portrait paintings. She studied Architectural Technologies and Graphic Design at SAIT and went on to major in Graphic Design at AUARTS.

Sydonne has been honing her craft since 2013, and has recently expanded into public art, starting to create works in public spaces in 2020. Her talents don’t stop there, as in 2021, she founded a paint and sip business that teaches adults how to create their own expressive portraits.

Her artistic abilities have been recognized with Diversity magazine’s Artist of the Year Award, and her work has been featured in various local media outlets. Sydonne’s portraits often feature black women and incorporate geometric elements, with bright contrasting colours, drips and spatters adding depth and conveying her cultural experiences.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting her website: Sydonne Warren

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