About the Artist

Mide is a multidisciplinary storyteller who uses art to tell complex and visual stories. The mediums he practices with are ink on paper, digital arts, animation, film and video, painting, murals, and exhibitions. He has been creating art since childhood, teaching himself how to draw and color. Mide is a graduate of both University of Calgary and SAIT with a major in film studies and production. His exhibition “Spacetime and Love" is live (June/July 2023) at the Window Galleries located in the Art Commons. He has also worked on mural projects with YYC BUMP and the City of Calgary. Throughout 2023-2024, Mide will be working on his short, animated film with Quickdraw Animation Society which will screen at the GIRAF festival in November 2024.

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Artist's Gallery

1. My first mural "Duality and Dimensional Flexibility" is located at 1200 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB.

2. My second mural project "Popsicles and Ice Cream" is located at 3443 28 St SE, Calgary, AB.

3. My third mural project "Bow to Bluff" is located around Sunnyside Station and Underbridge Skateboard Park.

4. The last image is of my hand-drawn work, "Sunlight".