Her work primarily consists of portraits, landscape, and human figures that are created in oils and acrylics on canvas. Apiow uses deliberate compositions and symbolism to shed light on the dark and beautiful chaos of emotions that is intentionally portrayed across all her work. The use of art therapy and the correlation between mental health and self discovery are tools Apiow uses as inspiration when creating a new body of work.

Apiow graduated from Sheridan College in the Visual and Creative Arts program; with hopes of becoming a registered Art Therapist. She is currently working towards a degree in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies at St. Mary’s University.

She has worked with non-profit organizations such as Centre for Newcomers and The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and has spearheaded art-based initiatives to inspire young people from at-risk communities to have an outlet. She has over six years of experience working with youth in educational, recreational programming, mentorship as well as teaching visual arts.

Discover more about the artist on her website: Apiow Akwai