Project Background

As part of the BRT MAX Purple line project, The City committed to an investment in public art along International Avenue.

Phase One of the public art involved displaying artworks by artists with a connection to International Avenue in the transit shelters along the MAX Purple line.

This is Phase Two of the public art. It will involve up to six opportunities for artists or artist teams with ties to the area to work along International Avenue. This will involve two types of engagement with the community. Part one will help us determine the best locations for site-specific art installations along International Avenue. Part Two engagement will happen with the artists so we can hear from community members on artistic themes.

Past Engagement

Past Engagement - Part 1: Engagement about Art Locations

Thanks to all who provided input. Here is the report of what we heard and how we listened.

This engagement occurred while the artist selection process was underway. We asked you where you would like to see this art along International Avenue near the MAX Purple transit line.

The original list of potential locations was created by community members who live and work in the International Avenue area and were reviewed by The City to be feasible potential locations for new artworks at this point in time.

Four maps of 17 Avenue S.E. showing the ten location options

Please use the arrows on the left and right of the image to move between the four maps to see all the different location options.

Look at the ten locations in the list below and use the pictures and maps to help you. Tell us which locations you think are best (and why) for new art that enhances International Avenue.

Thank you for those who participated. Engagement is now closed. *** You can choose up to three options. Any location you don't choose stays on the left side. You need to choose at least one location.

Move the names of the location by dragging them from the left and dropping them on the right in order from top to bottom. The one you put on top is the one you think is the best.

  1. A- 26 St (south side) #
  2. B- 26 St (north east side) #
  3. C- 26 St (north west side) #
  4. D - 31 St to 33 St (north side) #
  5. E - 33 St (south east side) #
  6. F - 36 St (south east side) #
  7. G - 43 St to 44 St (south side) #
  8. H - 44 St to 45 St (open space) #
  9. J - 46 St (north side) #
  10. K - 53 St to Hubalta Road (north side) #
2) Think about the location you picked as first, why do you think this is a good place for art? Required

Please choose all that apply or tell us why.

3) Think about the location you picked as second, why do you think this is a good place for art?

Please choose all that apply or tell us why.

4) Think about the location you picked as third, why do you think this is a good place for art?

Please choose all that apply or tell us why.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.

How We Listened

Part One engagement is closed and we have reviewed all your responses. Thank you to all who shared their ideas.

Based on what you said about locations and why you liked certain ones, City staff considered all this along with other information including availability of land and technical feasibility. A number of locations were added as possibilities and some were removed. Final locations will be determined in collaboration with the artists and in public engagement Part 2.

The full report of what we heard and what we did is now available. The table below gives you a quick summary of what we heard from you and how we used your feedback.

What we heard from youWhat we have done or decided
About the specific locations
F, H & A were most preferred

and E were preferred

C and K were less often preferred but some people really liked them

The City has worked closely with the International Avenue BRZ (Business Revitalization Zone) to further explore the feasibility these locations. Location F, currently an empty lot, has been listed for sale. That means this space is no longer possible because there is a chance it will be purchased in the near future.

Locations H, A, D, E, C & K
continue to be a possible locations and will be offered to the artists as a potential location for artwork.
About any/all locations
Prefer locations that Connect the CommunityThe City has discussed this feedback with the International Avenue BRZ, and identified some walls and fences along the Avenue that could be used for a continuous theme or idea that extends along the entire Avenue and connects one end to the other. This will be explored with the artists.
Prefer locations that are Easy to Access and well-suited to experiencing artWe work to ensure all locations are thoughtfully selected, technically feasible and provide opportunities for the art to be enjoyed by the community. A possible location at the Mini Park has been added in response to this.
Artists will be encouraged to develop artworks that are accessible to pedestrians and help create a sense of place on The Avenue.
Prefer locations that are Close to other AmenitiesAll potential locations are near amenities such as retailers, restaurants and green spaces
First impression/ community entranceThe International Avenue BRZ is fabricating signage to be installed along the Avenue to welcome people into the area.
About this art along International Avenue

Want art to enhance the space

and that is safe

The City works with artists to ensure the artwork will enhance any space in which it is located.

The City also works with the artists throughout the development of their artwork to ensure it is safe for the public realm.
Want art distributed fairly and that looks good with the other locationsThis will be considered throughout the planning process and some additional potential locations were added for consideration to create a more equitable distribution of art along the Avenue. These include the addition of a potential location on 17 Avenue and 34 Street SE, as well as a number of potential opportunities for a distribution of artwork by using retaining walls, murals and fencing.

Next Steps

Please come back to this page for more updates, announcements and to participate in Part Two engagement in December.

Part Two engagement will begin once the artists are selected, and will focus on identifying artistic themes to help artists create their artwork concepts.