Parks Foundation, in partnership with the City of Calgary, are proposing to build a new Bicycle Pump Track in the community of Inglewood. The design of the park will accommodate two custom-designed asphalt tracks for varying skill levels similar to the tracks in South Glenmore Park . The funds available for this project are a result of stimulus funding from the province. That funding is only available if construction can be done in 2021. Based on what we have heard from the community this matches up well with the need for family-focused outdoor amenities, a desire for active transportation needs, as well as the need to upgrade green spaces. Track specific design is currently happening and construction of the Pump Track is anticipated to begin this summer and be completed in fall 2021.

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping"—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedaling or pushing. Pump tracks are a perfect structure for practicing balance, learning skills and improving confidence on the bike. The picture a top of page is of recently built South Glenmore Bicycle Park, for further information please click on the box below to view.

Located along the Elbow River Pathway in South Glenmore Park, this Pump Track was a collaboration between the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance, The City of Calgary and Parks Foundation Calgary. The South Glenmore Bicycle Pump Track is made up of two custom-designed asphalt tracks. The smaller track is designed for kids and beginner riders, it is 110 meters long with 7 berms and 19 rollers. The larger track is 204 meters long and has a more challenging terrain, with 8 bermed corners and 27 roller jumps. The track was built by biking amenity experts, VeloSolutions, brought in from Montreal.

Please view our updated FAQ's here or open in the links section. We have also updated the map below to give a better sense of track location on the parcel of land.

Inglewood Pump Track:


  • The design of the park will accommodate two custom-designed asphalt tracks for varying skill levels similarly to the tracks in South Glenmore Park.
  • An existing gravel parking lot is available on site. The plan is to utilize this lot and not create additional parking as we are encouraging access via cycle/wheeling modes off the adjacent pathway network.


  • Within the community of Inglewood. The park will be located at 7th Avenue and 20th Street SE and situated on the northeast end of the site.
  • The location on site will be designed to allow for future flexibility of other potential activities, which will be determined upon further review and public input.

We will seek to provide timely updates on this page as the project progresses as we receive updated design drawings, site maps, and information.


We are seeking to gather more input on improving the user experience at this location by learning about features that will allow for enhanced use of the adjacent lands to the track area. The specifics of the track design will be completed in partnership with the Parks Foundation Calgary. The entirety of the project space is noted in the map above, which is larger than that required for the track design. The track is scheduled for construction in the summer of this year and ready for use in the fall. Remaining work to complete full park site is in development planning process and feedback from you.

The engagement for this project is now closed. What We Heard Report can be viewed here or open in the links section.

Thank you for your time and input.

Project Updates

We will provide updates and communication on this page as the we progress through the process.