In October 2018, City Council approved a request by Administration to defer the South Hill Station Area Plan (SAP) until the Corporate Land Strategy is complete. The Corporate Land Strategy will provide direction for transit oriented development (TOD) sites that are under the stewardship of The City’s Real Estate and Development Services and will link to the city-wide TOD strategy. Deferring the South Hill plan until the Corporate Land Strategy is complete will ensure policy for the SAP aligns to TOD strategy.

The City of Calgary hosted an information session for the South Hill Station Area Plan on May 10, 2018. Click here to view the informational boards shown at the event and the draft plan as of May, 2018.


The City of Calgary is currently drafting a new Station Area Plan (SAP) for South Hill, which will account for the new Green Line LRT station.

The vision for South Hill Station and plaza is to become the centrepiece of a new mixed-use development and a major transit hub in the city. Much of the South Hill area is City-owned, providing a unique opportunity for transit oriented development (TOD) on almost 20 acres of largely vacant land. This area has a number of sites with potential for TOD development in the next 10-20 years, while the greater TOD area could develop in the longer term (20 plus years). The proposed TOD at South Hill was created around the concept of a transit village at the core.


In October and November of 2017, The City of Calgary conducted an additional round of public engagement in order to collect feedback on the draft SAP for South Hill. The results of this round of engagement are collected in the report-back below.

Engagement to collect feedback on the Draft Station Area Plan (March 30, 2017) was collected through two related processes: the Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee and a broad public survey. The Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee is a group of community members who have volunteered to make sure that diverse community perspectives are included in the review plans.

A comprehensive summary of the identified issues and City responses to those issues can be found in the What We Heard / What We Did reports below. We hope that the explanations and rationale provided in these summaries will be of help for you to understand where feedback has been incorporated into the draft plans so far and if not, why not.