In October 2018, City Council approved a request from Administration to defer the Inglewood-Ramsay, Millican-Ogden and South Hill local area plans. The deferral ensures that additional amendments being made to the Developed Areas Guidebook are reflected in the local area plans and that further engagement with communities on any changes can be done in a coordinated way.

Click here to view the most recent version of the draft plan from October 2018.


The City of Calgary is currently drafting a new Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for Millican-Ogden, which will account for the new Green Line LRT stations.

An ARP provides rules and guidance for the type of development that makes sense in a given area – how to complement the local character, what level of density makes sense and how to transition from high to low density, or residential to commercial. It includes policies on land uses, building forms and densities, buildings heights, parks, transportation, contamination and housing.

The vision for Millican-Ogden is that it will continue to offer the features that residents currently enjoy, such as an abundance of open space, a high degree of connectivity to the wider city, a mix of land uses and housing types, and a proud sense of community spirit and railway heritage. These features will be augmented by the Green Line stations in the area, with the Ogden Light Rail Transit (LRT) station becoming the new heart of the community that will include a mix of shops, services and housing to serve the area’s diverse population.


Thank you to those who attended the event on May 10, 2018 and to those who provided their input online prior to May 24. Click here to view the "What We Heard" report which outlines the engagement event, the comments received, and some responses from the project team.

Click here to view the informational boards shown at the event.

Click here to view the informational handout provided at the event.

In October and November 2017, engagement to collect feedback on the draft Millican-Ogden ARP was collected through two related processes: the Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee and a public online survey. The Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee is a group of community members who have volunteered to make sure that diverse community perspectives are included in the review plans.

A comprehensive summary of the identified issues and City responses to those issues can be found in the What We Heard / What We Did reports below. We hope that the explanations and rationale provided in these summaries will be of help for you to understand where feedback has been incorporated into the draft plans so far and if not, why not.


City staff have updated the draft ARP to reflect feedback received to date. Please check back regularly for updates.