On Monday June 15, 2020, Council approved a motion to refer the Guidebook for Great Communities (Guidebook) back to the July 15 Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) meeting, rather than proceeding to a public hearing of Council. The presentation and discussion on July 15 will give PUD members the opportunity to give Administration specific direction on the process forward. The Heritage Incentive Tools will also return to PUD on July 15.

Based on the direction from PUD, Administration will continue work on the Guidebook. From the work on the Guidebook, we expect further revisions to the draft Historic East Calgary Local Area Plan (LAP). During this time, we will also take into consideration feedback received from the Community Associations, Business Improvement Area, and Industry.


The Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development on Wednesday, March 4, directed the Guidebook for Great Communities and the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan to the public hearing of Council on April 27, 2020. This direction was carried out prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the following Council meeting on March 16, 2020, Council gave Administration the authority to defer items until Q4 2020, or later, in response to the state of local emergency and the currently unknown duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heritage and the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood

Heritage and the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood

The Guidebook helps to highlight and manage many aspects of a community’s Identity and Place. As part of a separate initiative, The City is undergoing a Council-directed review of available heritage conservation tools and incentives. More information on these potential policy tools will be provided at this session.

Next Steps

We expect to release an updated draft LAP to the full Ramsay and Inglewood communities in late 2020. At that time, citizens who live and work in these areas will have the opportunity to participate in a public engagement exercise. This feedback will help further refine the LAP.

The final draft LAP is scheduled to be ready in 2021, once the Guidebook is approved by Council.

We will update you with more details on the LAP timeline in fall 2020.


The City of Calgary has been working on a new Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) for Inglewood and Ramsay which will account for the new Green Line LRT stations.

An ARP provides rules and guidance for the type of development that makes sense in a given area – how to complement the local character, what level of density makes sense and how to transition from high to low density, or residential to commercial.

It includes policies on land uses, building forms and densities, buildings heights, parks, transportation, contamination and housing.

In October 2018, City Council approved a request from Administration to defer the Inglewood-Ramsay, Millican-Ogden and South Hill local area plans. The deferral ensures that additional amendments being made to the Developed Areas Guidebook are reflected in the local area plan and that further engagement with communities, planned for later in the fall, can be coordinated.

Additionally, The City of Calgary decided to merge the draft Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP) for the communities of Inglewood and Ramsay. The new plan for Inglewood and Ramsay will be known as the Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan (HEC ARP) to reflect the historic importance of this area to our city.

As part of this process, facilitated discussions took place to gather stakeholder input on the merged draft document. B&A Planning Group was contracted by The City as an independent consultant to guide the recent public engagement process to collect feedback from all stakeholders.

The goal for the engagement was to gather input to create meaningful recommendations for policy contained in the revised HEC ARP.


Draft of merged Inglewood-Ramsay ARP available for review

As of Q2, 2018, The City has decided to merge the two draft Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) for Inglewood and Ramsay. The new plan area for the merged ARP combines the areas previously covered by the Inglewood ARP and Ramsay ARP. This will allow the two communities to share a basic approach to growth while recognizing individual differences where appropriate. The plans share a lot of common policies and the two communities have been planned as a unit from the start of this process in mid-2015.

Click here to view the draft ARP.



boundary area map


The City of Calgary has been engaging on this project since 2015. To review past engagement summaries and what we have heard. Please click through the reports provided in the Document Library on this page.

Winter 2019 Engagement

A Town Hall was held on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at the Alexandra Centre Dance Hall, 922 - 9th Avenue S.E.

Below are links to the information shared at the first session

To watch the video recordings of the January 23 Town Hall please click through the links below.

Video 1: Introduction, Height and FAR Discussion

Video 2: Heritage conservation and character discussion

Video 3: The path to completing the ARP

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