The City of Calgary has been working on new Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP) for Inglewood/Ramsay which will account for the new Green Line LRT stations.

An ARP provides rules and guidance for the type of development that makes sense in a given area – how to complement the local character, what level of density makes sense and how to transition from high to low density, or residential to commercial.

It includes policies on land uses, building forms and densities, buildings heights, parks, transportation, contamination and housing.

Draft of merged Inglewood-Ramsay ARP available for review

As of Q2, 2018, The City has decided to merge the two draft Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) for Inglewood and Ramsay. This will allow the two communities to share a basic approach to growth while recognizing individual differences where appropriate. The plans share a lot of common policies and the two communities have been planned as a unit from the start of this process in mid-2015.

A draft of the merged ARP is now available for review. Click here to view the draft ARP.

Please note: The Historic East Calgary ARP is the name we think best reflects/represents the overall area. You can provide feedback on this name at an upcoming information session (details below) or online starting on May 7.


The City of Calgary hosted a combined open house for projects in Inglewood-Ramsay on May 7, 2018. If you were unable to attend and would like to provide your input on specific topics open for input on the ARP, please view these open house boards and click on each of the tabs below to provide your responses. The online survey will be open until May 21, 2018.

Plan Merge and Name

The City has merged the Inglewood Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and Ramsay ARP into one document. The new plan area for the merged ARP combines the areas previously covered by the Inglewood ARP and Ramsay ARP.

boundary area map

Now, we’re looking at a new name to reflect this newly merged plan: Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan, to reflect the shared vision for these communities and their historic importance within Calgary.

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Land Use Concepts

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Rowhouse Conditions

Earlier engagement with Inglewood identified conditions that would help rowhouses integrate more seamlessly into the community. These conditions include things like:

  • being no more than 2.5 stories or 8.5 metres in height,
  • avoiding windows that overlook adjacent properties,
  • and requiring a sun or shadow study where the proposed building is significantly higher than neighboring homes.

These were originally drafted for Inglewood and are now being proposed for Ramsay as well.

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a) Rowhouses are supported within the Neighbourhood - Limited areas subject to the policies in this


i. Rowhouse development should facilitate the protection of Character Homes.

ii. When a property contains a Character Home and the heritage components of the structure are

being protected through bylaw or agreement, the parcel may be redesignated to allow for

additional units.

iii. A property that contains a Character Home as of the date of adoption of this Plan should not be

redesignated to allow for higher intensity development if the heritage structure has been


b) Rowhouse development locations.

i. Rowhouses must have access to a laneway, and vehicular access may only be provided off of

the laneway. Rowhouses shall have their primary entrance onto the public street.

ii. Rowhouse developments should contain no fewer than four rowhouses.

c) Rowhouse structure attributes.

i. Rowhouses should be no more than 2.5 storeys in height or 9 metres, whichever is less. The

floor area of the upper half storey of a 2.5 storey building shall not exceed 50 percent of the

structure’s second storey floor area.

ii. Rowhouses are encouraged to avoid locating windows in a manner that would allow for

overlooking of adjacent properties. Where this cannot be avoided, translucent glazing is


iii. Rowhouses should have the same orientation as is common of other residential units on the

block where they are located.

iv. Where the proposed building depth significantly exceeds that of the neighbouring homes, a sun

shadow study and/or a massing model may be required to assess how the proposed

development will impact neighbouring properties.

River Access Strategy

The Calgary River Access Strategy, completed in 2017, identifies a potential river access location associated with the McDonald Bridge, 12 Street Bride and Harvie Passage.

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In October and November 2017, engagement to collect feedback on the Draft Inglewood ARP and Draft Ramsay ARP was collected through two related processes: the Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee and a public online survey. The Green Line Area Redevelopment Committee is a group of community members who have volunteered to make sure that diverse community perspectives are included in the review plans.

A comprehensive summary of the identified issues and City responses to those issues can be found in the What We Heard / What We Did reports below. We hope that the explanations and rationale provided in these summaries will be of help for you to understand where feedback has been incorporated into the draft plans so far and if not, why not.