As part of the Neighbourhood Streets Program, The City is working with the community of Dover to improve streets in your neighbourhood and create an inclusive mobile network for all community residents.

Please share your perspective on the design work in the community of Dover for walking, wheeling, and placemaking.

This project includes:

  • Creating a walking, cycling, and wheeling connection through the community of Dover
  • Addressing speed and design issues on 34 Avenue SE
  • Providing important connections to existing pathways and bikeways
  • Installing missing sidewalks
  • Providing connections to schools and parks


Mobility includes:

  • Walking
  • Getting to and from transit
  • Wheeling: A general term for people who use a wheelchair, scooter, bike, skateboard and inline skates to get around.

Project Engagement:

Phase 1 – Identification – April 2021

  • During the first phase of engagement, we will be gathering information by asking what is working well and what is challenging for those travelling through and living in the community.

Phase 2 – Design Concepts - June 2021

  • Based on feedback provided by the community in Phase 1, as well as the issues previously identified by the Community Association, we will be sharing design concepts and asking for input on the different options presented.

The What We Heard report is now available for viewing here.

  • Missing sidewalks: Where you would like to see new sidewalks added?
  • Traffic calming: Where you would like to see safety measures that reduce speed and the number of vehicles driving on a street?
  • Pathways and protected lanes: Where you would like to see new off-street pathways and on-street protected lanes for walking and wheeling?
  • Community art: Where you would like to see colourful benches, wall/fence artwork or other improvements, street pavement murals, community signage, and more?
  • Street trees: Where you would like to see more trees in the streetscape? Do you have a preference for any particular type of tree?
  • Accessibility: Are there any barriers to accessibility that you have noticed? Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

*Traffic calming image courtesy of: Paul Krueger.

PROVIDE YOUR INPUT - survey is now closed thank you for your time and input.


Results from Phase 1 engagement will be used to inform the design of potential projects. We will ask you to help evaluate and prioritize these designs during Phase 2 engagement.

Results from Phase 1 engagement will be compiled into a What We Heard report and posted to this site in early May. Prior to Phase 2 of engagement, more information will also be available at Calgary.ca/DoverStreets.